The Event

We’ve all got traits or tendencies we wish we didn’t. Things about us we wish we could change—or that we’ve begged God to change about us. What if those aspects of us aren’t what we think they are? What if every strength and quirk is, as Scripture says, “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and all of it can reflect the image of God?

That’s the topic of my new book, and this special event we’re hosting March 29 at La Jolla Christian Fellowship!

It’s an invitation to look at what drives us most nuts about ourselves and the people we love—and find the wonder in it all. I hope you’ll join us!

Event Schedule

First Session: Your Wonderful Weirdness

  • Why knowing and growing our strengths matters to us and the world.
  • What strengths/quirks really are, and how to love God and others with them.
  • Questions and tools to help us live our weirdness wonderfully.

First Workshop: 

Create personalized Weirdness & Wonder Cheat Sheet, which will help you to see and celebrate the connections between your unique quirks and strengths.

Second Session: Their Weirdness Is Wonderful Too

  • Why we need each other’s weirdness to understand God more fully.
  • How to harness weirdness and move from conflict to community.
  • Questions and tools to reframe and grow when our quirks clash.

Second Workshop: 

Create personalized scripts and questions to use in relationships when quirks clash, so you can move from “me vs. you” to “us vs. issue.”

Registration Details

When: March 29, 2014 @ 9:30 a.m. (check in at 9:15)

Where: La Jolla Christian Fellowship, 627 Genter Street La Jolla, CA 92037

Cost: $12/person. Includes seminar, luncheon, workshop materials and two tickets for the raffle (think: copies of the book, complimentary coaching sessions. . . and Nordstrom giftcards :).

Cant wait to see you there!

Register by March 23rd. To register, click here.


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