You are, truly, perfect. {Don’t believe me? Read this.}

You. Are. Amazing.

Perfect, actually.

God says He knit you together in your mother’s womb,* and last time I checked, He doesn’t make junk.

So why do so many of us look at ourselves and say

“Well, He must have made His first mistake on me”?

Every day, I hear and read things from friends – laments about how they relate to God and the world. Fighting who they are, and begging God to make them different.

We all do it. We mistakenly read scripture like the one that says “lay down your life for Christ” and think it means “stop being who I am.”

What if who you are is EXACTLY what He meant to create? What if you – like Esther – are here for such a time as this? You and your over thinking, over planning, worrying, intense, big-feelings, nutty self. Made on purpose, to reveal God to the world around you.

In. Your. Weakness.

Not in spite of it. IN it.

Let’s test this against Scripture, shall we? What do you read here?

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” – 2 Cor 12:9

Weakness, in the original Greek, refers to our frailty as humans. Ok, we can all agree that’s true. What about perfect? What does that mean? It’s not flawless, as we might be tempted to read – and as we often think this is asking of us. Nowhere in the Bible does the idea of perfection, when paired with humanity, mean flawless. It means COMPLETE.

Truly, “in Him we live and move and have our being,” and “apart from [Him] we can do nothing.”**

In Him, we are complete. Lacking nothing. Perfect. Not in spite of our weaknesses. IN them.

It’s IN OUR WEAKNESS that this completeness – this perfection – exists. 

When God’s in our tendency to over think, over analyze, over plan, get too emotionally wrapped up in life, constantly think about the future (or never think about the future!)… His strength shines brightest.

Your weakness – maybe the one that seems to be the most off-the-mark as a Christian – is an opening for the most powerful strength God wants to use in you.

In the past few years as a life coach, I’ve seen this truth play out in lives over and over again.

  • Ministries have been born.
  • Marriages have healed.
  • Parents of intense kids have new energy in a role that’s drained them until now.
  • Life-draining jobs got ditched and thriving, successful ones replaced them.
  • Life-draining jobs became life-giving jobs when clients invited God IN-to their weakness instead of asking Him to make them someone else.

These people decided to stop fighting who God made in them, and instead started asking Him:

  • Why did you make me this way?
  • What is your vision for this aspect of me?
  • Would you please fill this part of me with life – with your power – instead of frustration?

It can be a scary shift. To stop fighting yourself and start following God in a weakness. To start letting Him cultivate it as the strength He intended when He built it in to you at the start.

But what power it will unleash in your life! Can you even begin to imagine what God could do when you let Him mentor you in using that innate quality – that thing that comes easy to you, and right now you wish it wouldn’t?

Think about it.

Don’t waste another day fighting yourself. You’re too amazing for that!


*Psalm 139:13
**Acts 17:28, John 15:5
(Photo Source)

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