Wishing You Had Wonder Woman’s Energy This Holiday?

I loved watching wonder woman as a kid. She amazed me! Leaping over buildings, catching the bad guys, putting the world back in order, and never even breaking a sweat.

Where did she get all that energy? (And the confidence to wear that tighter-than-skin outfit??)

During hectic holidays, we can feel a little more like I-Wonder-What’s-Happening-Woman than a super hero with perkiness to spare!

So how does Wonder Woman have so much energy, anyway?

She lets stuff go. 
After battles with the bad guys, she didn’t stew over how annoying or evil they were towards her. The confrontation was done, and that was that. How different she would have been if she’d resented every villain she fought! Bitterness doesn’t look very good on any of us, and strength fails under the weight of it.

She doesn’t try to save the world.
She wasn’t trying to fix everything and everyone, every day. She just did what she needed to do with the strengths she had in the situations around her. She also didn’t carry the world’s weight in expectations on her shoulders… and that alone had to give her a lot more energy!

She maintains a secret identity.  
There were things in her life that were private and sacred, protected from eyes of the world around her. Not that we should all go around hiding destructive habits or secrets, but we should all have private space in our lives – and homes – for thought, prayer, and totally unwinding from the demands of the world.

She believes in herself. 
She didn’t question her strengths and powers, or wonder whether her thighs looked fat in her super-suit. What she invested in, she knew she could accomplish. If she couldn’t do it well, she called in other superheroes to get help and support. A balanced confidence in who we are and knowing where to get help when we need it does wonders for our energy levels.

What if we decided to do this holiday more like Wonder Woman would? I think I’ll skip the lycra, but otherwise, I’m in!

To an energy and joy-filled holiday!


(Photo Credit: Ratscape, 2009)

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