Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful

Releases March 18th

Releases March 18th

Two years ago, I read a blog post by someone I highly respect who was lamenting over her tendency to overthink things. . . and something inside me ignited. A single question:

What if those things that bug us most about ourselves are actually on purpose. . . for a purpose?

I commented on this colleague’s post, we went back and forth about whether I was nuts or the idea was possible or even Biblical. In the end she said, “You should write a blog post about this.”

The Beginning

That post became an entire book, friends. Because once that post emerged, it went viral. Readers either reacted with strong joy or strong skepticism to the idea that when God says we’re fearfully and wonderfully made, it includes every part of who we are, quirks and all. I sensed as I saw people grappling with it that this was a message that needed to be shared.

And then I tried to screw it up. Because I’m riddled with my own quirks, and my “get it done NOW” quirk would have nothing to do with a long publishing process!

I put together an e-book version, then a self-published version. Feeling excited about the project, I brought the proof to my favorite conference to show some friends. At dinner one night, I squealed in delight about this little book I would self-publish that fall, and the editor next to me thumbed through it, set it down, and said, “Don’t throw this message off a cliff like that. You need to get it published for real.”

To which my “I can do this all by myself” quirk whined about how slow and frustrating traditional publishing would be (as if I actually knew what I was talking about then) and that I didn’t think it would matter how it was made. Because I could get it done now. . . right?

She just raised an eyebrow and replied, “Well, I guess if you’re too scared to do it. . .”

Those were fighting words, right there! I ended up piecing together a proposal for my little book at about 3 a.m. the next morning. I planned to sneak it in to the pitch I’d prepared for editors for another book project. When I got into the room with Lil from Abingdon Press, she snatched it up, told me my proposal made no sense for the book whatsoever (so much for getting it done now!) and that she loved the premise.

Thus began the making of Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful. It’s a book written by a weirdo for other weirdos who are tired of having their quirks beat them up or send them running. {tweet this}

It’s also a book by a life coach, who’s worked with hundreds of people, helping them discover the best aspects of themselves—no matter how weird they seem at first—so they can confidently grab hold of their best life.

The Ask

I try not to ask for much on this blog, but right now I’m going to ask for one thing: will you click here and buy the book? In the world of publishing, pre-orders and reviews posted to Amazon.com on and around the launch date (March 18 for this book) are critical to get its message to people who need the hope and practical tools this book gives.

There, I said it. That was really hard! My don’t-offend-people quirk is freaking out right now. Deep breaths. . .

Thanks for listening. 🙂

What about you?

There’s something about you that you wish was different. I know there is, I hear that all the time from people. What is that quirk or tendency? What kinds of challenges has it brought you in life? 

Are you ready to see the glory God wove into that part of who you are?

I’m so glad. Because this is going to be an amazing ride together, friends!


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  1. Nicco Cobb says

    I love the way your mind works! That’s what makes you such an entertaining read while you’re secretly educating and retraining our brains to consider things from our Creator’s perspective. Keep the quirks and keep doing what you’re doing! Nicco