Why You Need To Take a Vacation From Your Computer

How long have you been sitting there, looking at that screen? If you’re like me, you don’t want to know. But you’ve probably been there longer than you intended. Don’t think so? Ask your husband and kids.

We access the world on our computers. As someone with strengths in learning, collecting and sharing ideas, I love my computer more than any other thing I own. Like any relationship, however, it had become dysfunctional in the absence of healthy boundaries.

So I broke up with my computer for a week. I went to the mountains with my family… without my computer…. and I’ve lived to tell about it. Now I’m here to tell you to get the heck off yours. For a whole week. 

Here’s why:

You’ll think more clearly. 
Our computers are amazing at bringing knowledge of any topic at the touch of a button. But the barrage can overwhelm our minds too, which can often paralyze us when we need to make decisions in life. Wisdom comes from lingering over what we learn. There’s no lingering going on as we scan 2000 Twitter comments! So shut off the computer and let your mind relax into clearer thinking.

You’ll sleep better. 
When do you most often use your computer? If you’re like me, it’s in the evening, after your family’s off to bed. But that may be the worst time to do it. A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology reported changes in melatonin and body temperature in people who used computers right before bed. If you’re having trouble sleeping or you’re hitting the coffee 4 times a day, it may be time for a computer vacation to let your body’s circadian rhythms get back to normal. 

You’ll lose weight. 
Ever had your leg or foot fall asleep while you’re on your computer? That’s because you weren’t made to sit that long. Sitting for prolonged periods of time drops our metabolism, slows circulation in our legs, leads to back problems and changes the way your enzymes work in your body. I’ve seen firsthand the weight gain over the past year as I’ve become a blogger and worked on my first book. When I took last week off from the computer, I lost a pound even though I was eating like crazy on vacation!

Anna’s so proud of her kayaking skills!

And, last but not least…. You’ll have new things to write about on your blog. Which goes without saying since you’ll be out enjoying your life and actually remembering what your hubby and kids look like.

So leave a comment on this post, and then turn off your computer – at least for the day, if not longer. Then come back with all that energy and enjoy your friends, ministries, and forums with fresh vision!


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  1. says

    Thanks for coming to visit Finding Heaven. And, I'm taking your advice. We are headed for a vaca soon and I am leaving my computer behind!

  2. says

    Thanks for coming to visit Finding Heaven. And, I'm taking your advice. We are headed for a vaca soon and I am leaving my computer behind!

  3. says

    Molly – thanks again for inviting us! It was so special for the kids! I like your idea of a day a week that is a break from online!

    Wendy and Kristin – I'm so glad you're taking time away from your computers so you can rest and refresh on your vacations. Have a wonderful time!!

  4. says

    It's kind of hard for me since I depend on my computer for many things, but mainly work. I'm a translator.
    I work from home too, so my online network is part of my life.
    But, I totally agree with you. And because of that, I will leave my computer behind when I go on vacation this summer. And will work on finding more balance, one way or another.
    Thanks, Laurie!
    Hopefully we'll meet at She Speaks!

  5. says

    We're taking a trip to Florida on Thursday through Monday. I plan on leaving my computer behind while I enjoy time with my family! I've needed to do it for awhile so thank you for giving me a push in the right direction! God Bless!


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    It was exciting to see you in person yesterday! ANd you had to climb a few stairs to get to me so I see what you mean about the losing weight when we live outside of the computer world. I try to take every Sunday off of the computer. It;s really hard, and sometimes I succumb, but I try again the next week. The problem is that everyone else in my family doesn't take the day off. Still, it mentally helps me take a Sabbath rest from work because a lot of what I do during the week is on the computer.