Why I Skipped the Crappy Carwash

I stood at the pump, processing my credit card so I could fill my gas tank. Trying to ignore my kids jumping around like monkeys in the minivan and the loud commercials on the monitor above, I stared at the screen that asked, “Car wash today?” Sure, I thought. It would be nice to see the paint on my van again. So I follow the prompts, and a menu pops up that says something like this:

“Choose wash:
1. Exquisite
2. Premium
3. Better
4. What’s the point?”

I, of course, steered away from the last one, but something caught my attention as I read the list. The prices. It was only a three-dollar difference between the best and the worst. Three dollars between “basic” and “fabulous!”

I chose number 2, mostly because the kids like watching the rainbow-colored soap from inside the car, and drove home.

It reminded me of my recent journey to understand my relationships better. There is Principle of 80/20 – you can be 80% better at something with 20% more effort. It’s true in business and in life.

A little more into relationships that we value and a lot more good comes of it!

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