Why her life really is better than yours (and how to even the score).

You know that friend? The one who you like, admire, and secretly wish you could be, especially on the mornings when your coffee maker breaks and you realize you left the laundry with your cute jeans in the washer overnight? The one who somehow smiles even in the hardest times, and looks great for her age, despite her van full of kids?

Yeah that one.

Doesn’t it seem unfair? How does she pull that all off anyway? I felt it was high time to even out the score for all us coffeeless, wet-jeans, hard-working women out there. So here’s what I’ve collected from years of struggling with my own insecurity and observing how the “perfect” moms and coworkers live their lives. It boils down to this:

To be that person, we have to think and act like her. 

  1. she forgives 
  2. she smiles
  3. she thanks people
  4. she does what she loves
  5. she spends time with people who give back 
  6. she learns 
  7. she sleeps enough 
  8. she doesn’t take criticism personally
  9. she looks for the best in others 
  10. she knows how to say no 
  11. she lets herself off the hook 
  12. she laughs 
  13. she plays with friends and family 
  14. she does nothing when it’s a day to recharge
  15. she let’s herself be a mess occasionally
  16. she lets others be that way too
  17. she knows her own strengths 
  18. she chooses to trust trustworthy people 
  19. she asks for what she needs 
  20. she takes responsibility for her feelings 
  21. she looks for solutions instead of focusing on challenges 
  22. she makes time for herself daily 
  23. she has realistic expectations
  24. she sees herself in a bigger context of life and relationships
  25. she doesn’t compare herself to you or me because we all have enough trouble of our own

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do, and that often means living outside the limits of one’s comfort zone.” – Jeff Olson 

When we’re feeling down about who we are and what we’re doing in life, are we willing to step back and choose to think and feel different…. so we can be different? So we can be that amazing, confident, joyful person we envy?

You are that person, you know. Deep down. Will you let that amazing you out so you can enjoy life?


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