When Your Dream Feels Insignificant

When you hear the term “God-sized dream,” what comes to mind? 

  • How big is it? 
  • How many lives does it effect?
  • Is it at home or far across the globe?

What if the dream in your heart today is already a God-sized dream? It may be big, bold, and far-reaching in ways people recognize…. or it might be quietly big, bold and far-reaching. 

The truth is:

“No dreamer is ever too small; No dream is ever too big.” – Anonymous

To which I’d also add: no DREAM is ever small. If it’s a dream at all, it’s stretching you, shaping you and others, and bringing some aspect of God a little closer to this life. Even if it has to do with the tiniest details you can imagine. 

Today’s guest post by my friend Karla beautifully reveals this truth: that  no detail is too small for God as he grows and works through us.

God is in the Details

By Karla Hoelscher

My interest in fashion started at the age of 14 when my family relocated to the United States. Up until that point, as a child in Mexico, I was either wearing my school uniform or my dance gear depending on the day. So, I really didn’t worry about fashion then – I hardly had time to wear it! Once we moved to the Unites States and I was thrown to the wolves (public school), I was not only petrified by a new place, I discovered my need for the fashion police. Fortunately, despite my mom not being available for much of what mattered to me, she DID shop for my clothes. And that was a huge relief!

Flash forward to adulthood.

It was 2005, I was married to a pastor, and we moved to Indiana to help plant a church. Interestingly enough the area we were called to happened to be very wealthy; most of the high school graduates attended elite colleges.

Which meant I had to reengage the fashion issue.

My Children were going to go to school with ‘privileged children.’ Oh how I worried about how they’d be treated!

The truth is, it was challenging. My daughter found out quickly that if she wasn’t wearing brand names she’d be playing on the playground by herself. (Cue: my fashion police wounds from childhood!). I wanted so much to rescue my daughter from the superficiality, and I prayed God would show me the way.

A couple of weeks later a friend asked me if I was interested in going garage sale shopping around the area with her to look for toys for the church nursery. I agreed.

It turns out not only did we find what we needed for the church – practically brand new – but I found so many brand name clothes in incredible condition for my daughter! I then realized God saw my fashion plight. I started to see how He wanted us to mingle with “the privileged” because he wanted us to show them Jesus.

For the next three years my little princess was able to somewhat fit in because God provided clothes that were acceptable to her peers. Isabel during this time also lead 2 of her friends to Christ. But the story’s not done there!

God wanted to surprise me too. To show me He is in the details, and it was time for me to heal from my childhood memories.

I’d become an expert at garage sale shopping. After all, the first year as a church plant, Ken was working full time for several months without pay followed by part-time salary for many months. We spent all of our savings on the church, and there were still monthly needs for materials and supplies. 

One day, I looked at my purse, threads showing, strap worn, and knew I had to get a new one. I got up on a Thursday morning, dropped kids at school and headed to a garage pre-sale nearby, hoping to find a purse.

As I walked up to the first Garage Sale I saw them: a 5 piece Louis Vuitton luggage set, 2 Prada purses, and another Louis Vuitton bag.

I knew I must be dreaming. I blurted, “Are you really selling these?”

“Yes,” she answered.

Perplexed, I replied, “Why??”

“Honestly, I’ve grown tired of them,” she said. “I got new ones so I have to make room for them.”

Barely containing my squeal of delight, I stated, “Okay, thank you. I’ll take them.”

I got 3 designer bags and a 5 piece Louis Vuitton luggage set for $40 dollars!!

As I left I couldn’t help but be amazed at God’s love for me that day. That when He called us to a neighborhood that challenged personal fears and worries, He not only provided for our church, but for me – for those intensely personal needs and wants. For the things I thought were not even important to Him.

That day I hugged him in my mind, and with teary eyes said “Thank you Daddy.” Because when the Lord gives us a God-sized dream that stretches us out of our comfort zone, He is faithful to give us everything – everything! – we need to fulfill it.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” ~Matthew 6:33


About Karla:

Karla Hoelscher is mom to 2 teens (boy and girl) and 1 tween boy. She’s a pastor’s wife, church-planter, and Spanish interpreter and translator for Women of Faith. She loves sushi, Greek food, traveling, learning about different cultures and sharing life with her family and close friends. Connect with Karla via Carmel Mountain Church or on their Facebook page.

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