When You Need Time, Energy, and a Little Perspective

In the last post I shared some ways to make a mission statement that paints a picture of you (and your family) at your best. On our Moms Together page that day, hundreds of women loved the idea, but were overwhelmed by two thoughts:  

  • I don’t have time to work on something like that. 
  • How would I use it? I mean really use it, like when my kid’s melting down, my bills come up short, and I’m too tired to even talk to my husband at the end of the day?

Which got me thinking. “How DO I use it? Is it simply an academic exercise? Or does it have real, rubber-meets-the-road value?”

I pulled it out and re-read my mission statement (made with the letters of my last name):

W – Wear (and wield) the armor of God
A – Add joy where we are
L – Listen to God and others
L – Love God and others
I – Invest our gifts
N – help the Needy

As I read, images – dozens of them – flashed through my mind. Moments where this group of ideas kept me going, boosted morale, inspired and pressed me forward. Here are a few.

Ways to use your mission statement in real-life:

  1. To get grounded. When confidence is shaken, thinking about what I know is true and who I am at my best (a.k.a. the mission statement), helps me find confidence and worth when my kids act out, life feels thankless, or situations press me to the limit.
  2. To find peace. Life can get pretty brutal on us. There’s a good reason for that. John Eldredge reminds us, “Until we come to terms with war as the context of our days we will not understand life. We will misinterpret 90 percent of what is happening around us and to us” (Waking the Dead, 2003). Remembering the W of my mission statement refocuses me when things get tough or confusing.
  3. To have patience. When my potty-training toddler wildly melts down as I get to the checkout line with a cart full of groceries, I repeat the first L in my mission statement. I breathe it deep, in and out. It centers me to love my kids when I’m tempted to get frustrated and angry.
  4. To know God better. The longer I’ve had this set of statements floating in my head, the more I notice connections with scripture, and the more I admire and recognize the ways God lives them beautifully, perfectly.
  5. To pray more intentionally. As I find joy and freedom in having this picture of life at it’s best for me, I want that more and more for others. I pray for them to discover the best of who they are, to know God’s heart and calling for them. It makes prayers ardent, focused and intentional.
  6. To have energy. If it’s 3-4 p.m., I need coffee. Every day. (Probably only slightly connected to having my own business and managing 4 kids, a house, a dog, two cats, and Mount Laundry….) As it’s brewing, I breathe in the percolating aroma with the vision of who God sees in me. I linger over each point in the mission statement, hold it, thank God for helping me live it, and I’m energized again.

And that was after thinking about it only a few minutes! There are so many moments when that sense of focus makes life simpler, calmer, more energetic and inspired.

Do you have a mission statement? If not, I’d encourage you to spend a few moments to consider what yours might be – who you are when you’re at your best – so you can have a clear picture to look at when life makes you wonder.


– Laurie

P. S. I help people every day to recognize and pursue who they are at their best – to catch God’s vision for them. I’d love to partner with you too! Email me to find out more about individual or group coaching to see if it’s a good fit for what you need today.

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