When You Need A Push To Overcome Relational Hurts

“I’ve been hurt before.”

“Whenever I make a friend, they end up needing too much. It’s just so one-sided.”

“I’m just not like those other moms. They don’t understand me.”

Words we can all relate to in some way, because life hurts us. Scrapes us up. Leaves scars. And the scars can be so deep or painful we start to pull back. To invest a little less in others. Make a little less effort to meet new people. We start to isolate ourselves to keep from hurting again.

And we wonder why we’re lonely?

There IS another way.

A few weeks ago at my church, I had the privilege of sharing the Sunday message on this very topic. In it you’ll hear three powerful lifelines God offers us when fear begins to sink our relationships.

Click here to listen to the 25 minute message, “Fearless: Overcoming Loss.”

“Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.” – Matthew 14:27

To a life full of courage,


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