When You Can’t Squeeze One More Thing On Your List


“The most dangerous word for a God-sized dream is ‘someday.’ How can you start implementing your God-sized dream {even in a small way} right where you are?” – Holley Gerth

I love Holley, and I love the idea behind this quote.

But can I just say that when I first read it, I wanted to hide under my desk? My mind went blank trying to think of ANYthing in response. (Which is no small feat since a) I’m a life coach and that’s what I do—think of ideas; and b) my brain rarely shuts up, especially when I’m trying to remember where I put my car keys or if I’m trying to fall asleep after a long day!)

It went blank because I’m already living my dreams of . . .

  • Having a family. Ten years ago, it was infertility treatments and going through the foster-adoption process. Now I’m a mom, and it’s taking everything I’ve got right now to help one of our girls transition home after 18 months in residential treatment.
  • Writing a book. My first contracts are in negotiations and I’m overwhelmed with questions about what clauses I want to include when I’ve never done this before and how can I know what will be best for the books a year from now?? And how much more writing can I do when I’ve got #1 going on?

The thing is, when we’re already taking steps toward our dreams, sometimes there’s no more we CAN do. Sometimes, it’s just to keep doing what we’re doing.

Oh, wait. That’s something I could do. Keep going.

And pray.

And sit with God, let Him speak, strengthen and fill me with hope and energy.

And, maybe, get a little more sleep.

Or forgive the guy who cut me off on the freeway. (Holding on to that stuff can really weigh us down, you know?)

You know, I’d like to walk my dog more, too. I’m always so inspired when I’m outside.

Do you see where I’m headed here?

Sometimes, when you’re maxed out and living your dream means daily doing so many intense things already . . . you CAN do more. It’s just not more tasks.

It’s more self-care. More balance. More space for God to take the loaves and fishes you’ve got and multiply it to more than you could ever imagine.

So, what more can you do towards your dreams today?

Will it be to take a nap?

To call a good friend, because she knows you like nobody else and she helps you see life afresh?

Or maybe to let yourself sit 2 minutes longer with your cup of coffee, so you can actually enjoy the process of your dreams unfolding, instead of racing to the next thing?

Let’s take Holley’s advice and do just one more step toward our God-sized dreams. A step that helps create the balance we’ll need to live out the dream as it comes.


{This post is part of a series on living our dreams as part of the launch of Holley Gerth’s upcoming book, You’re Made For A God-Sized Dream.}


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  1. Diane Bailey says

    Laurie, I didn’t know your baby was back home! You are on my prayer list, girl. I find you so very amazing! Keep the dreams alive! Love you!

  2. cathyhorning says

    Thank you for sharing your heart’s lessons dear friend. I am trying to move forward today, but for some reason I am beyond exhausted. I think I need to take a short nap. And, hopefully, I will move forward more effectively this afternoon. I love you!