When Valentine’s Day is Under a Pile of Dirty Laundry

I despise folding laundry. Which is why my home office frequently looks like this:

(And yes, I AM a life coach with a mountain of laundry in my office. I never said I was a laundry coach!)

Even worse than folding? Sorting the dirty stuff. Smelly, muddy, and toddler-accident-y, I’ll put off laundry day until the kids are forced to get clean socks from the mismatch bag. The only redeeming feature of sorting day is my Fells Naphtha – a bar of soap that acts like the Special Forces of detergent.

Tools like that stain-remover make the yuck of life bearable.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were tools like that to help us manage the other kinds of yuck we face? Pain like the grief, loss, and betrayal that stains us?

There are.

One is the stain remover that makes days like Valentine’s Day a joy instead of something to just get through or even loathe.

Forgiveness. Here are it’s main ingredients:

Face your own role in the problem
Offer an apology (and amends, if necessary)
Receive God’s forgiveness for your part
Get untangled – decide to forgive the other’s offense so you can take care of your needs
Invite support for when that’s an especially hard choice
Value your grieving process. Give your feelings a place to breathe.
Expect – and keep on expecting – healing in your life.

Those seven ingredients scrub some of the toughest stains off our lives, giving us a chance to live clean, refreshed and new again. This Valentine’s Day, will you join me in a doing a little laundry? Grab your forgiveness as you do. It will cut through the heart-stains and just about every other kind of yuck you’re facing today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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