When Their Words Sting and You Feel Alone

Today I’m posting over at Not Alone, a site where 20 writers share our struggles, experiences, humor and encouragement for life raising a child with special needs.


specialneedsdontfeelspecialWith 4 kids under 12 years old, who have companion terms like foster/adopt, bipolar, RAD, ODD, SPD, ADHD and GAD, we learned pretty early on that I’d need help around the house.

Enter my sweet, committed house cleaner, Clara (not her real name).

Every two weeks, we get ready for Clara’s team to deep clean our place. On top of the usual daily cleaning of dishes, washing soiled clothes/bedding, wiping up spills (and picking up my hubby’s socks), I add things like searching for items that would shock a normal person if they found it around the house. Things like the soiled underwear my 10 year old hides under her desk.

Clara inevitably finds items like the above—and even more!—and she’s been a saint about it all. Truly.

But even saints have their limits.

The other day when she called, it went something like this:

“Laurie? Hi, it’s Clara. Now that your daughter’s home from residential treatment, we’ve been noticing the cleaning need is greater there. We totally understand how that could happen.”

“Thanks, Clara. I really appreciate your understanding.”

“Of course, of course. It’s my pleasure. Hey, do you think you could help us clean up before we arrive? If you could just do a little bit around the house, it would be a big help.”

My brain blew a fuse.

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Linking up today with other God-sized dreamers over at Holley Gerth’s blog. Today’s topic: What do you want more of as you pursue your God-sized dream? For me: To trust I’m not alone, even if others’ words give me opportunities to feel like it.


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