What Do You REALLY Want This Year?

“Surprise me.”

The words filled most of the construction paper in front of me. Almost surprised I’d written them, I thought, “What does that mean?” and “Yes, that’s it” all in one breath.

Pictures filled the page too. Ones of peace, inspiring scenes, a playful couple, adventures, mountains, oceanscapes, a pair of friends walking among trees, images of happy kids. It was a vision board full of hope, that truly captured what I wanted for the year.

And there was that phrase dancing through the middle of it all.

“Surprise me.”

Why that?

Maybe because…
– I was at the end of all I could figure out to help my redhead heal and overcome her personal challenges.
– It had been 4 months since my husband lost his job and no replacement was on the horizon.

Or maybe it was because…
– I’d seen God take a group of bloggers who’d never met in person, and in a few months create a place online that encourages thousands of moms.
– Doors were opening for me to write a book – a life-long dream.

Whatever it was, I stood at the door of 2011 and knew God truly had bigger dreams than I ever could. Which is saying a lot… I’ve got pretty darned big dreams! One of my favorite quotes of all time reveals it:

“Every day I wake up wanting to change the world and have a hell of a good time. This makes planning the day difficult” (E. B. White). 

“What if I left the planning to God this time?” I wondered. The thought terrified me. And somehow calmed me too.

I think for the first time, I saw a window into the infinite. I peeked into the majesty of the one who breathes stars, creates worlds, knits tiny bodies in darkness, heals hearts with light… and TRUSTED Him.

And so I wrote my first un-resolution: “Surprise me.”

Every day, I looked at that poster, those words, as I got ready for the day. As I pursued goals, reached for dreams through the year, the two small words colored it all. Every day, He answered. And the surprises changed everything.

Things I’d never even thought to ask for. Things I couldn’t have dreamed, which as I opened them lifted burdens, inspired me and others, built friendships, challenged fears, gave hope, opened my eyes to all that is truly possible.

Will you join me this year in making the un-resolution?

Do make goals. Do dream big. But also, would you take a leap in to His arms and ask Him to do more than you can ever even imagine?

Here’s to a year of unfathomable joy and goodness!


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