Weeding Life’s Garden… for Dummies

I love walking my dog. Especially after it rains. Being in southern California, I usually see tan and brown tones in nature on my walks – it’s just a really arid climate. But after it rains, the sky is aquamarine, the air smells of desert flowers and coastal sagebrush. At the end of a long day, to be out in the fresh air, walking as fast as I can to keep up with my excited puppy, with all the sounds and smells of natureBack yard: weeds get picked even when there’s nothing there to replace them… seeds want to grow. They will find a way to grow. In life too. We need to be careful what seeds we allow to grow. And when we discover a plant we don’t want, we need to do a little weeding. (Knowing When To Quit article from Dumb Little Man). 

Walking with dog, natural canyon with lush trees, variety, vibrant colors, cool breeze, gentle earthy smell. Leaf on the ground. A rainbow in a leaf shape. Better than anything I can create.

The weeds grow naturally. And they’re actually pretty amazing here in San Diego. They become tall trees, winding trees with long green leaves. They can tower over a sidewalk and look just like a tree you intended to plant. Except that they are more hardy because the happen naturally. The plants I choose for my yard are not always the optimum choice for this soil and climate because I don’t know the whole story on gardening. I make errors out of ignorance.

God never makes mistakes in what He plants in our lives.

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