We Need You, Quirks And All

you are weirdiful and we need youWhy all this talk of weirdness, wonder, strengths and quirks lately? Why did I write a whole book about the topic? Because if you and I don’t live fully in our design—the design God says is made in his image—then part of his image isn’t shining in this world. Your part. My part. Our neighbor’s part. Nobody else can or will ever fill that gap.

Every quirky part of us we hide or reject is one more piece of God’s image we’re missing in this world. {tweet this}

Today’s guest, Ness Chesters, shares a story that drives this home so poignantly, I’d do it a disservice to say any more than this: I dare you to tell God he made a mistake on your gifts, quirks, or purpose once you’ve read her story.

In my youth I thought, “if only I could be someone else… To be the girl with the long blonde hair that all the boys liked. Or the star hockey player that got all the goals. Or the student that received the praise from the teacher.”

I wanted to be someone else other than the girl that was laughed at and made fun of in the halls. The girl that felt unloved. The girl who envied others, who wanted to be liked by everyone. I wanted to be anywhere but there. . . anyone but me.

But at the same time, I had these gifts.

Like the ability to feel for others, to understand what they are thinking, and an innate ability to know how to lift others up. I have the ability to see the “how” needed to help another who is in pain.

Back then, I didn’t want that sensitivity. I built walls and stuffed my gifts deep down in a dark place inside. In a place that could only be reached by God. He began to lift me out of the pain by matching me with my angel. A man that saw the beauty from the inside out―my husband to be. God used him to help me see the true reflection staring back at me in the mirror.

Little did I know that we all come from a similar place.

Had I not gone through the experiences I have, I would not have developed my heart for compassion within―a love for those who are insecure and feel like they need external validation to feel good about themselves. I would not see how to help, relieve, or provide a different perspective in their moments of pain or doubt.

Over time, these gifts which I didn’t value in my youth have been refined through moments that knocked the wind out of me. In one, I almost lost my life to a dive in a pool that fractured my neck in a place where only 50 percent of people survive―and many never walk again.

The accident showed me how I could be special. How I could be God’s miracle.

NessChestersGod has shown me how each one of us have a purpose beyond all comprehension since then. That one action can have a ripple effect. Now, 3 years after the accident, a ministry has grown on Facebook from the experience for broken neck survivors. Over 370 people helping each other daily.

Because we all have a unique, a special purpose.


Ness Chesters enjoys being a mom, wife, friend, sister and daughter. She is a blogger and broken neck survivor. Ness believes every day is a gift from God that is why we call it the present. Find her at her blog, Awakening The Soul, and on Twitter.


Be blessed!


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