Waiting for a Breakthrough? Maybe It’s Time To Yell More.

In the age of anger management classes and road rage, you won’t hear many people telling you to get mad more. But you’re about to.

We need to let ourselves get angry sometimes. To admit the feeling is there, it’s real, and it’s an important tool to help us see what needs a breakthrough.

David got mad at injustice. Moses got mad at his brother’s serious lapse in judgement (golden calf, anyone?) Jesus got mad at people who were using the temple to make a buck of the desolate. 

If you’ve long desired, prepared and fretted, waited and worked for a breakthrough in an important area of life… and haven’t gotten mad yet? Well, then you’ll love today’s guest post by my new friend, Dionna Sanchez, author of Beauty in the Storm.

When You Just Wanna Yell At Life…

There are days when you just want to yell at life.

When you see someone diagnosed with an illness and all of a sudden everyone comes out of the woodwork to help and love on that person. You want to yell… “Where were you last month? Why didn’t you love on this person when they were well?”

Or you decide to move and all of a sudden everyone acts like you will be sorely missed and they are devastated – when you felt so ignored before.

Or your child is taken advantage of – again. Because they have a kind heart and people use it.

You just want to yell. Yes?  I know I do at times! I just want to yell at life for not showing up when it should have.

Yet that’s the thing about life. About people.  It’s unfair. It’s selfish. It overlooks. It takes others for granted. It misses opportunities. It has bad judgment at times.

I think we all expect people to be there for us whenever we need them. Wouldn’t that be nice? But life gets messy along the way. People let us down. Feelings get hurt. Grudges are held. And it gets out of hand. People get lost in the shuffle. …We get lost in the shuffle.

So I say, yell at life. Do it. Yell.

Yell in a private spot where only God can hear you.

Say. It. All.

All the things you are angry about. Let it out.

Then let it go. Move on. Move forward.

It’s the only way to be healthy. It’s the only way to trust someone else again. To not let yourself become bitter… angry… resentful… depressed.

Life will never ever be fair. All of us will shake our heads at times at the actions or inactions of others.  But it’s how we choose to move on from that point in time that matters the most.

Don’t let yourself be stopped in that moment forever.

{Dionna Sanchez is a freelance writer/blogger. Visit her blog—Beauty In The Storm—or join her author page on Facebook.}


Great advice, Dionna! Thanks for sharing it here.

And you, reading this…. may I add something to her great advice?

Next time you’re hurt, you’re struggling, or you’re exhausted from waiting for that breakthrough… do YELL. Let God have it. He’s the only one who can truly handle it—handle us—and help us heal.

(It also helps to have some of those Hulk boxing gloves handy, or a nice pillow to punch… for those of us who are more active. Just saying!)


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  1. says

    One of the biggest turning points in my journey was getting mad at God. I didn’t want to do it His way. Yet, instead of shutting down or running away like I had in the past…I came to Him kicking and screaming. And guess what? He can take it. And, in the process of coming to Him in my anger He slowly transformed my heart.