Video post: Who Else Wants Their Brain Back?

“Honey! Pay attention!” Hubby says from the couch, where he’s watching my toddler tug at my sweatpants, crying, “More juice!”

It’s not like I’m sitting there checking email when this is happening (most of the time). In fact, I’m listening to my oldest tell me about a new friend she made at school, stirring the sauce for dinner and trying to figure out when I’m going to call back my mom, who’s missing her sister that passed away recently.

TOO MUCH GOING ON IN THE BRAIN. And when that happens, I forget things. Like the fact that my car keys are in my own hand. Or I just tune them out (like the juice-lover who’s wiping peanut butter on my leg).

It happens to all of us in various ways – mental overload. How do we manage it in a way that helps us feel we’ve lived life on purpose instead of thrashing in the chaos? Check out today’s video post for a few good ideas:

You-Tube: Stop the Madness! The Cure for Momnesia

If you can’t view this video in your email or browser, click here.

What things help you stay the mental course as you navigate daily demands? I’d love to hear your ideas! To leave a comment, click here.

Be blessed,
– Laurie

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  1. Beth says

    We've been working on “one-thing- at-a time,” too. I actually started telling my kids this, regarding schoolwork and other things they were doing. Then I began to realizing, I needed to do it too! Now, when things start to get a little crazy, I say “Focus.” That'a a little reminder to them (or me) that we are getting scattered.

    I also love lists. They are the ultimate tool for “one thing at a time”… because, you can literally only list one thing at a time. As long as you do one thing (even if you don't finish it, but stop and pick something else) you are reinforcing the idea of focus.

    And on that note, I need to go make a list for tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  2. says

    Hurray for the end of multi-tasking! Thanks for sharing an example of how you verbalize this with your family. As always, such helpful tips and encouraging words.