Tip #1 for the Relaxation-Challenged: Breathe Easy

Is it easy for you to relax?

For some people, it is. For others like me, it’s almost stressful to consider relaxing. It’s like we’re not wired that way. As a Type-A, straight-A, oldest child in my family growing up, the idea of relaxation was an annoying gnat that flew in my face around final exams or big-life-changes like going to college.

As a part-time working wife and mom, with special needs kids, relaxation is now the elephant in the middle of my living room… too important to ignore if I want to have any kind of joy in life (or any life at all past my 40th birthday!)

I know I’m not alone here. Why? Because all I have to do is type, “Coffee, please,” as my Facebook status and I get 20 “likes” and comments about the need for a second cup… all by 8 in the morning!

We need help, people.

What if we had a few dozen healthy, easy tricks to add to coffee as a way to relax and get refueled for the days we face?

That’s what this series of video posts is about: rehab for the relaxation-challenged. About creating small, simple opportunities throughout every day to check in with ourselves, with God, with others, and take a little breather…. even in the middle of a hectic, demanding lifestyle.

So check out this short video to get started!

Which technique will you try today?

Be blessed!

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  1. says

    Relaxation is why I look forward to my weekly yoga class. I mean, I can do yoga at home, but I get stressed waiting for my son to wake up from his nap or whatever. Keeps me on edge, and I rush through it. But at my yoga class—it's quiet, I can breathe, I can focus, I can think (or not think!). It's my favorite two hours of the week!

  2. says

    Thanks for the reminder to breathe. I try to wake up early, well before the rest of my family, so that I can do some writing, and get a head start on everyone. If I don't, my day is spent running from one demand to the next, and at the end of the day, I don't feel like I have accomplished anything. I was sitting here this morning, before I saw your video, and I realized that I was holding my breath! I know it sounds crazy. But I do it all the time. Like you said, my breathing becomes very shallow. I have to slow down and make myself breathe. This is definitely something I am going to become more aware of, and try to change:-)