The Secret To Seeing in the Dark

When you face life’s dark moments, what will you choose to see? {Image credit: Luk Gojda; Quote: Laurie Wallin}

Recently, my husband and I went roller blading for the first time in a decade. Shockingly, the rollerblades still worked, and so did our balance! What didn’t work was our estimation of how long it would take to complete the route we’d chosen for our date night: a 5-mile local lake where we’d skated many times before.

Apparently, as fall stretches toward the holidays, it gets dark faster. Which would have been great to realize BEFORE we got half way around the lake. Personally, I think it was God’s grace and sense of humor—having these two out-of-shape rollerbladers take on the cracks and pits in the pavement on faith since we couldn’t even see them coming.

After 35 minutes, we’d made it around the lake with only a small road-rash to show for it since we’d taken turns being the “Woah! Big rut on the right!” trip look outs. As we got in the car, a thought occurred to me:

Darkness is only scary when we feel alone.

It’s true for real-life somebody-turn-on-the-lights moments, and for those days, weeks—maybe full-blown seasons—of darkness we face in relationships and circumstances.

When’s the last time you landed in a dark place in life? Think about what got you through it. Or, more specifically, who got you through: maybe it was God—through prayer, listening to inspirational music, or reading scripture. Maybe it was people—a friend, family member, coworker or neighbor.

Maybe it was nobody. Maybe it was just you.

Even if you feel like you faced it totally alone, may I challenge that? I’ve been in seasons that felt this way and if I look back on them, I realize that even if nobody else was or could be there for me—even before belief and recognition of God in my life—I was never alone. I was always surrounded by people. Through quotes that resonated in good books. Through the lyrics of a song on the radio. Through words I remembered said by a teacher long before in school. Through an encouraging conversation overheard at a store or park.

We are never truly alone.

Even if we find ourselves stranded in a desert, we’re not alone. A sunset sings joy to us. Birds high in the air extend hope to us. Waves beating on the shore remind us that even the harshest landscape—internal or external—can be breathtaking, transformative.

There is always someone ahead of us, from whom we can at least be alerted to life’s potholes… even if it is just as we trip over them. There is always One who will not only be in the darkness with us, but walk through it and light the way.

No matter how dark a season you’re in, don’t let your heart convince you you’re alone in it. Don’t let your eyes to get used to it, or your heart be weighed down by it. Reach out your hand to community—to finding that skating buddy for those dark stretches of road that find us. Reach out your hand to the One who says “I will never leave you,”* and let Him skate along the path with you.

You are not alone, friend.


Linking up with Jo Ann Fore and others today as we all continue to find our voice.

Jo Ann Fore
*Hebrews 13:5
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  1. Melinda Todd says

    What a great message! And good for you. I would have ended up walking back, barefoot 🙂 or with more than a little road rash. Loved your message. We are never alone. Need to hear that regularly. Thank you!

    • says

      It’s funny, we went back with the kids yesterday (well before sunset!) and a few of us ended up with road rash. I think we were more careful when it was dark! 🙂

  2. Sarah Knepper says

    You give us a beautiful heart message and a new way to look at the world. Thank you for this perspective!

  3. JoAnnFore says

    Thank you for joining us on the link-up Laurie.

    Love this:
    “Darkness is only scary when we feel alone . . . . We are never truly alone.”

    Oh, that we would cling to that Companionship, even when we don’t see, feel, or hear otherwise. <3

    • says

      Thank you, Jo Ann. I’m loving the conversation you’ve got going on with your book and the FB page. It’s intersecting exactly where I’m at and what I’m struggling with as I write this current book. So grateful for that companionship—His, yours, all His girls…

  4. Michelle Soto says

    we are never really alone…through books, through songs, inspiration music, quotes and encouraging words that we remember….what a beautiful way to say it. Truly encouraging. Thank you!

    • says

      It’s taken me decades to discover this. As a mom of a couple of kids with special needs, there have been some seasons where I honestly felt like nobody in the planet “got” me or what it was like to parent so different than I’d ever imagined. But then this song by Christina Perry came on the radio and I wept as I drove, and I knew that she got me, even though we’d never met. It was such a breakthrough. And I think it’s why I love so much what Jo Ann is doing with her book… when we find our voice and share it, we can love on people going through all kinds of different struggles, simply by sharing the process we’re in.