The Secret That Ends Insecurity

Oh how I love my walks! Fresh air. Gorgeous skies. Heart pounding with movement. But my favorite part by far is what I see on walks.


Everywhere design. Beautiful, elegant, patterned art in trees, flowers, the whirl of clouds above and pine cones beneath. Even in the way my heart beats different when I walk downhill versus up.

It’s design we can miss in our over-crowded lives of child-toting, toddler-tantruming, teen-mentoring. Design that takes my breath away. And with it, the fear, the anxiety… and more than anything, the insecurity.

Because when we see – really see – the world around, how can we feel unimportant? How can we slip into the depths of wondering if we matter? Or if we’re making enough of a difference?

Did you know that in the pine cone so easily kicked to the side of the street lives a pattern seen just about everywhere in the universe? A pattern of spirals based on numbers named for a 13th century mathematician who first discovered them. These Fibonacci numbers form patterns in much of nature – from galaxies to ocean waves, pine cones to your own ear’s form.

That’s right, you’ve got that design too. On your body. Inside it. All around you.

Because you’re part of the grand design. You were worth designing to begin with. Your life, your work, your presence here matters.

The pine cone’s not sitting on the side of the road crying because it’s not good enough. Neither is the Milky Way galaxy.

So why are we crying? Why are we struggling with insecurity?

Why, when we look at our lives full of the mundane – the seemingly unimportant – do we miss the elegance of it’s design? How can we look at our bodies and see flaws, when the fact that our hearts beat independent of anything we do makes us a miracle (and don’t get me started on all the other miracles going on in that body of yours!)

Why do we look at our homes and see chaos in Cheerios on the floor and shoes strewn not-quite-where-they-belong, when they reveal the gift of life between our walls?

The next time insecurity creeps up on you, it’s slimy tendrils wrapped ever tighter around your heart, go for a walk and pick up a pine cone. Notice the petal patterns on a flower. Or the spirals in the cauliflower on your chopping board. Better yet, look at the whorl on your own finger – that elegant, helpful little thing you know as a fingerprint. Those ridges totally unique to you, that share patterns with much of nature’s art.

And choose instead to see the truth:

“Are you not of more value than they?” (Matt 6:26b)

God says you are. More valuable than any of that unbelievable, perfectly-designed elegance around you. In the face of that truth, can insecurity even stand a chance today?

Then why let it?


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  1. Kelli Wommack says

    Laurie, this is beautiful… and wonderful… and I didn’t know it! Thank you for sharing this. I love it!

    • says

      Fun, right? I think it’s why I was so drawn to biochemistry in college and beyond. The more we learn about creation, the more we see exactly what God means when he says “the heavens declare the glory of God”!