The Last Thing I Expected This Summer (Update)

Ever noticed how, in those moments we make space for rest, life often piles on the craziness?

In June, I shared the whys and hows of intentional rest and that I was taking some time away from blogging. What I didn’t realize was that time would be spent on something totally unexpected: medical tests and a major surgery!

I’m not officially back to blogging yet, but hope to be soon. For now, I hope you’ll stop by my other online home to hear the update, and some thoughts on how we can face life’s unexpected challenges with confidence and peace.

caregiver health in crisis


Read “When It’s Our Own Health in Crisis” here. . . 

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  1. Jane Franks says

    Wow, Laurie! I’ll be praying! I went through that at 40, but not with a lot of kids! Sounds like you have done great planning and I applaud you for that. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!! I found that following the doctor’s orders AFTER surgery assured me a trouble free (in that area) for all these years since. I never had any trouble. You will feel like getting up and going before you really should. They told me 6 weeks. That was full abdominal surgery. With newer methods it may be less. But whatever they tell you DO IT!! Internal healing is sneaky. You think you are able to lift, etc, but your insides need that full time to heal. I knew women like me who did not, and ended up with other problems later. But from day 1 after I got back to my normal routine, I have never had ANY trouble at all! I looked at it as a great time to read and reflect. Again, I didn’t have children to care for. It sounds like you will have some good help though, and I am praying God will give you some great times of blessing and reflection. I will get off my soap box! I wish you well. And I am sure you are going to do fine. God bless!

    • says

      Thank you so much, Jane. So good to hear from you. I’ve missed connecting here! Mine’s full abdominal because the fibroid is suspicious and laparoscopic may aggravate things. I’ll keep that six weeks in mind. It’s been amazing, all the love, prayer, support and tangible help people have sent our way since I mentioned this. So, so thankful for the precious ones around me to get through this time. Looking forward to sharing many praise reports over the next month or two!