The Joy You Give {Even If You Don’t Know It Yet}

Hello there!

I had this lovely post in mind today—full of kick-in-the-pants encouragement—and then a friend asked “What gives you joy about following your dreams?” and you probably know what a sucker I am for the joy topic. . . So of course I had to jump on that one instead!

Truly, there are lots of things that give joy about following the God-sized dream in my heart. (Which, if you’re new around here, is to love this God-given life—no matter how hard it gets—and help you do that, too.) Things like:

  • inspiring people.
  • helping readers or listeners see how amazing God’s made them.
  • reading and hearing your stories and comments, here and elsewhere on the web.
  • learning from your experiences, sharing in your joys, and being able to encourage you in the tough stuff.
  • that moment in a coaching call or group when a client takes a bold, courageous new step.
  • flying all the way across the country for a conference, and meeting women who aren’t afraid to struggle or get messy in life.
  • the way you pour love out in emails, and here at the site, and on Facebook and Twitter when challenges loom big in my life and calling.

Which brings me to the crux of this post.

It’s you.

You are what gives me joy as I live out my God-sized dream.

Just thought you should know. šŸ™‚

With gratitude,

– Laurie

Linking up today with Holley Gerth and other G0d-Sized dreamers. Check out her new book, You’re Made For a God-Sized Dream for lots more great ideas as you pursue those deep-inside dreams!

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  1. Holly at The Belle Mere says

    I totally agree with you. Joy is best found in connection with others and with God and when all three of those combine (you, me, and God) – that is some powerful joy! Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      That’s a neat way to look at it: that joy is always best in connection, in relationship. Makes me want to go grab my copy of The Shack and read it again. . . šŸ™‚