The Gift in Life’s Twilight Zones

Do you remember those old re-runs of the Twilight Zone on TV? Horror was never my thing, but somehow I couldn’t turn away if an episode was on. I think because Hitchcock made smart horror—beneath gratuitous chocolate syrup splatters hid social commentary, relationship fears, and the human condition.

It wasn’t until last week that I reconnected with the Twilight Zone idea in a totally unexpected way: as I was praying.

What the heck does the Twilight Zone have to do with prayer? And how does praying in a Twilight Zone way give us new freedom in our relationship with God? Check out the rest of the story—and the gifts I found in weirdo prayer—in my post at Not Alone today.

Click here to read that post at Not Alone.

And, speaking of weird and the Twilight Zone…

3D Weirdness is Wonderful coverYesterday I found out that my first book is actually on Amazon. Which means it’s actually happening. Which definitely feels like the Twilight Zone!

This book—my first—is a tool to discover the gifts and the strengths in the weirdness God’s wired us with. Check it out! And if you feel led, I’d be honored if you’d share it!

Click here to find out more about Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful.


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