That was awkward.

I was at lunch with my mom recently when I excused myself to use the restroom. As I entered it, the place felt like an Escher drawing – not because it was artful, but because it was bizarre.

It looked nice at a glance – dark wood, brushed nickel fixtures – classy by any standard. But the door handles were awkwardly low-set. I had to stoop to turn them. And then once in the stall, I reached to hang my purse on the hook and found I had to stand on my toes to reach it. It’s not like I’m 4 feet tall here, people.

I left thinking boy, this place is trying too hard. It’s really awkward!

What does a weird bathroom have to do with anything, you may ask? With this: The past few months I’ve changed. I’ve tried to write some articles the way “experts” say bloggers should write. About you, the reader, for one. About things you might find helpful. Tips. Tools. Facts. Lists. Information.

And you know what? I hate doing that. It feels contrived, like that trying-too-hard bathroom. It feels like this photo to me. It’s the wrong size, wrong color, wrong everything. Who needs more things like that in life?

Not that I have anything against you, of course. You are actually the reason I write in the first place. I want you to come here, read a story, leave a comment, and then get back to your life feeling just a little more joyful and courageous in the challenges you face.

And there ain’t no way in heck that’s happening from some list of tips. At least not from me. I’m realizing that at the heart of it I’m a story-teller, not a list-writer.

So to blogging experts, I say, “Thanks for your ideas. Glad you have 3 zillion people following you. Enjoy.”

To you, my dear reader, I say, “Detour’s over. From now on I’m going back to the regularly-scheduled programming. Back to the stories about my own life and challenges that, Lord-willing, leave you feeling inspired, hopeful and stronger when life is tough.”

Ahhhh. It’s good to be back.


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