Coaching Clients

“I would most definitely recommend coaching with Laurie.  This is the best gift I have ever given myself.  It has given me insights into how I work best and what my needs are.  This coaching experience helped me think outside the box about our daily life and come up with solutions I would not have come up with on my own.” – Kirsten, TX

“Doing this work with you every other week is the best thing that’s every happened to my ministry.”- Laura, NC

“What I love most about Laurie is the way she gets me. She is the most intent listener I have ever experienced, and she understands me. On the rare occasion something isn’t quite registering, she asks questions to make sure she truly comprehends what I’m saying. I first came to her because I wanted to build a business, and I had been just spinning my wheels. I had an idea and I was just stabbing at what I needed to do. In just a few months, she has taken me further in building my business than I could have imagined, with or especially without a coach. We have moved through several spaces and phases, and she has been right there with me all the way. When I achieve a goal, she’s the first one to celebrate, and when I slip up, she talks me through it and helps me see where I can improve. I now have a clear plan to launch my business in a timeframe that I consider both aggressive and doable. I have clear steps toward my goal and I’m steadily moving through them. I can SEE myself achieving my goal, which I couldn’t say before.” – Donovan, CA

“Thank you so much Laurie… I really appreciate you listening and helping me set my goals.” – Natalie, CA

“I enjoyed the coaching call. I gleaned a lot of valuable information from what you shared. I will refer anyone I know who could benefit from your services. You definitely have a special gift.” – Angie, CA

“I have been blessed so much by these phone calls! I’m more focused and have more direction than ever before – because of your help!  Thank you!” – Sonya, GA

“Thank you sooooo much, Laurie. I appreciate your input, expertise and bottom-line help.” – Joan, AZ

“After the [coaching] group, I am not so hard on myself, I’m more aware that my “weaknesses” are to be times of growth. I’m seeing the connection between my dark side and my strengths. I’ve got a new perspective of God working with me, and not feeling like he’s piling on a heavy load, because I’ve not lived up to expectations. I loved and gratefully received the encouragement from others.” – Strengths in Weakness group member

Audience Members

“Your talk helped me feel hope and see that I can be creative …that things can and will change!” – Leanette, San Diego, CA

“Loved your honesty. You come across as a girlfriend I’d love to have coffee with!” – Lisa, NC 

“I loved the way you cast new light on Scripture.” – Jenn, NC

“Thank you SOOO much for your wonderful, honest, encouraging talk today! I could listen to you for hours… love your style :). Your honesty was so refreshing. There’s many times where I have thought exactly what you were speaking about, and it was so nice to hear someone else verbalize those feelings that we all have as moms. Our table discussion after the talk was also deeper than it usually is and I attribute that to the fact that you modeled vulnerability in your talk!” – Mackenzie, San Diego, CA

“This talk is very relevant to mothers of young kids because we don’t make time for our goals, yet we would be better moms if we did.” – MOPS mom, Escondido, CA

“This strengths and goals talk is one of the best I’ve ever heard.” – MOPS mom, New Hope Church, San Diego CA

“Laurie was hired by my firm to speak at the San Diego Business Summit last fall [2011]. She spoke the topic of “Finding your Strengths”. This was one of our best sessions and was extremely well received by the attendees. She was engaging, enthusiast and right on the money!! I would highly recommend her and her services.” – James Kernan, KWCG, San Diego

“Thanks for today Laurie! I always love hearing you speak and today was especially great! You are a gifted lady with the perfect combination of wisdom, humor and compassion.” – Janine, San Diego, CA

“We really did enjoy your talk. I already applied some of the advice you gave to my life. I am now following your blog …remarkable!” – Elizabeth, Skyline Church, La Mesa CA

“As a speaker, Laurie has a deep knowledge of her topics, and presents them with humor and compassion. As a life coach, Laurie’s vast experience in life and her passion for the happiness and well-being of others make her particularly effective.”
– Iris, San Diego CA

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