When I want to yell at my kids… {words4weekends}

How will you be remembered?

Today I woke up with the kids going nuts, and I thought to myself, “oh, yeah, it’s Thanksgiving vacation. A whole week of togetherness!”

My snarky side swelled and I was about to let the kids have it.

And then I remembered Nancy Dawson.

You see, last summer, the kids and I visited the Maritime Museum here in town. It’s amazing. Nine ships representing over 500 years of history, in our own harbor! As we walked through the last one, a replica of a 17th century trade ship, we descended the stairs to the weapons room. There, we saw canons lining the sides of the room, ready to defend the ship from pirates. On each canon was painted a name. Names like Beelzebub. Black Death. Leviathan.

And, Nancy Dawson.

What must this woman have done in her lifetime to earn a place with those other guys??

So every time since then, when I want to blast my kids for something that’s making me nuts, I think of her. And how I don’t want to be remembered as the lady on the canon.

Let’s not be Nancy when life tries to rile us up today. Sound good?