Sometimes All We Need Is A Little Push

Some of you know I’m a life coach. Which causes many people to wonder if I spend my free time at sporting events with a whistle around my neck, yelling at people to get their game on. A friend challenged me this week to share with everyone why exactly I decided to become a life coach, and why that matters to you. So for this post, I will take a detour from the usual tips and stories to share my answer here.

I chose to be a life coach….

1. Because I love teaching – When I taught AVID for high-risk college-bound students in a local jr. high, I got to help them find what they were great at, what needed more help, and how to overcome obstacles to pursue their dreams. Now, I’d love to help you find what you love and what you’re great at – and help you set goals to live those things more consistently.

2. Because I love a good treasure hunt – Everyone has amazing and unique gifts and I love finding those things with them, like looking for a buried treasure. What can I say? I always secretly wanted to be Nancy Drew growing up. What treasures are still waiting to be found in your life and relationships?

3. Because it’s flexible, which works for a mom – I can send an email or text between making sandwiches, changing diapers, kicking the dog outside for chewing my shoe and dealing with whatever challenges face our family. I can talk with you in person at an appointment, or in the evening on the phone or Skype. The options are endless!

4. Because I face challenges too – As the mother of four girls (two with special needs) daily life could often drown me with its intensity. Most people wonder how I can manage despite challenges in my family, let alone be involved in speaking or coaching. My answer is this: Knowing that I can give you some tools to live resiliently in the face of challenges makes it all worth it.

5. Because to me life is about redemption – My journey in life has been about starting where I’m at and getting stronger, healthier, more purposeful. About choosing to grow when life takes a turn. It’s always a struggle. I watch my daughters struggle daily with internal and external challenges that threaten to overtake them. I fight the choice in my own life when I encounter stress or make mistakes. Or when I struggle with old ways of looking at the world that don’t work.

You have those same moments every day too. What do you choose? Do you choose to get a little stronger, a little more joyful, a little more like the person you envision when you close your eyes and ignore everything about “real life” around you and let your heart imagine?

And if you do choose this vision for your life, do you know how to get from here to there? If not, then I’d love to hear from you. Your first 30 minute session on the phone is free, and will give you a chance to see if we’d be a good team. Let’s get you started toward the life you are truly meant to live!

Also, please send this to friends or family you know who would benefit from a partner in their life journey. I appreciate your help getting the word out!

Phone: 619-889-4374

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