Soft Rain For A Thirsty Heart

water drops red leaves Laurie WallinAs I backed out of the garage, my middle schoolers were already bickering in the back seat. My heart rate started to rise as I prepared to intervene. Then I noticed them—tiny dots on the windshield. Soft falling rain, mesmerizing in its silent, steady growing pattern on the glass.

Usually, I’d flick on the windshield wipers to see better. We had places to be, after all.

But not this time.

It was a moment for seeing something else. Not the road ahead, the day ahead, the errands and phone calls and tasks for work and home. Just the tiny speckles covering the windshield like diamonds in the morning sun.

rain drops windshield Laurie WallinA thirsty heart needs such moments. Moments that draw us into a rhythm of life beyond what drains us. Outside of what overwhelms. Moments that remind us there’s more than doing and it’s okay to be. Small moments, unscheduled, unexpected… beautiful in the calm they bring.

Filling a thirsty heart is like rehydrating a parched body: it takes frequent, small sips or we’d reject the very fluid our bodies have grown accustomed to going without. It’s got to be the little moments that fill us back up after the dry days, dry seasons.

It takes little moments of seeing goodness. Of looking for it, pursuing it, getting in close so it can reanimate what’s gone bone dry.

Who sends rain to satisfy the parched ground and make the tender grass spring up?

Job 38:27a NLT

God knows it’s a slow rehydrating. He sends the soft falling rains to whisper refreshing, restoring… hope. To rest quiet on hearts spent filling others, furthering healing, following callings, feeling drained.

Today is the day for soft rain on the thirsty heart. 

Today is the day living water drenches us so deep it creates a buffer of moisture to prevent us ever dehydrating again.

Quiet, steady rain so that when life is clamoring and duking it out in the back seat, and it’s time to swipe away the diamonds and drive, the refreshing goes with us, stays with us, remakes us.

If only we’d pause for the small moments to see it.

For you: How does your heart need refreshing today? Will you take a moment to invite it in?


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