Serving Up Weirdness {Cindi Ferrini Dishes on Living Quirks Well}

We all have our moments. Times when we:

  • wonder whether we’re the oddest one in the room.
  • worry people will find out just how weird we are, then turn and run. Fast.
  • wish we could be like [insert name of friend we think is perfect here].
  • want to hide our differences so they don’t make waves with others.

If we didn’t all secretly think we were oddballs or misfits, movies like Frozen or Pitch Perfect wouldn’t resonate like they do. And I wouldn’t have written a whole book about it.

Cindi Ferrini – National author/speaker –

Cindi Ferrini – National author/speaker –

Cindi Ferrini, a delightful speaker, writer and new friend, shares one of her “weirdnesses,” and how she’s learning to love herself and others intentionally through it. As another who gets the whole “downplay your strengths/quirks so people don’t feel bad” concept, I appreciate her story, and know you will too.

I’m weird and I’ll admit it. I love to go “all out” decorating a table for company. I love using my finest china, silver, and making the napkins into fun objects! I’ll use fun plates and even paper plates on occasion, but I love making the time together with family and friends very special. I even try to make a special (often trying a first time recipe) meal. I enjoy it when my guests say they look forward to the surprise “question” that will be asked of them on the underside of their nameplate.

But I’ve also found that because God gave me the gift of hospitality and because I enjoy making things special, others have not always embraced that of me. Some have said, “I won’t ever have you to MY house. I could never make a table look like this,” or, “I would just have pizza, so I won’t try to impress you at my house.”

The truth is, I don’t do it to impress anyone. I do it to bless. Those who say they wouldn’t invite me over know (because I’ve told them) that I’d enjoy coming to their house for pizza around their coffee table or to sip lemonade on their patio – because it’s more about enjoying their fellowship than anything else.

It’s taken a while, but I’m learning to embrace the gifts God has given and to use them freely. Embracing the way God made you and me is so important to the body of Christ. Learning to embrace the way He made others is of equal value. We fill in each other’s gaps and make things complete. And there is nothing weird about being complete—about being whole. . . together.

What about you? What quirks do you try to hide or quiet down so they don’t make waves with others?

– Laurie

P.S. As this week kicked off the official launch month for my book, Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful, I popped over to Jolene Philo’s site to share answers to questions like “What quirk of yours inspired the book?” and “How can women embrace their ‘weirdness’ — where do we start?” Come read my answers to those and others, and find out more behind-the-scenes stuff about the book! —> Read that interview here.


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