Send Fear Packing and Invite Faith For a Visit Instead

Ever felt like the more courageous you get in life, the more fear messes with you? This week, I’m living right in that struggle. Doors opening for ministry like crazy – things I’ve longed to be able to do – and in the quiet moments I want to curl up in the fetal position and cry out “ACH! It’s scary! I’m not sure I’m ready for this!!” 

It’s the classic Peter moment. Big courage to step out of the boat in the midst of the storm. Big fear the second a toe hits the reality of the waves. 

Today’s post addresses this battle with a sweet twist. Our guest blogger, Kelli Wommack, has, as she puts it “the awesome privilege of rallying others to find their unique place of ministry.” (A.k.a. she gets to help people step out of the boat and deal with fear every day!) Love the ideas she shares today on sending fear packing.

FEAR. I know it well. We hang out together from time to time. The more I entertain it, the more it becomes familiar with me and begins to cater to my weaknesses.

The fear of ridicule. The fear of failure. The fear of embarrassment. The fear of the unknown. To just name a few. Sometimes it creeps in like a quiet wave. Other times it is more like a freight train.

And when I try to ignore it, it stalks me. It shows up in my dreams at night. It is there when I find myself in deep thought. Even while I listen to music or watch TV, a lyric or scene will beckon its entry.

I have tried to tell fear to leave me alone. At times, I have even thought I conquered it. What I am realizing is that the only way to get fear to leave me alone is to invite faith to hang out. You see, fear and faith don’t really get along too well. Faith is bossy and tells fear what to do and so it leaves.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Fear and faith can co-exist in the same room. You’ve heard the quote, “Do it scared.”

But even then, the mere action of “doing it” takes courage and faith. That very choice marginalizes our fears.

How can we live a life characterized by faith and courage and not by fear?

  1. Clean our front entry of fear clutter.  Remove ideas and messages in our hearts and minds that trigger fear in my life. Keep discouraging people at bay by setting up healthy boundaries. For example, if I am afraid of moving forward in my writing, I don’t need to hang out with people who think I am crazy for writing a blog or pursuing publishing.
  2. Buy a new welcome mat for FAITH. In response to #1, we want to replace those destructive ideas and messages with truths of God. When fear creeps in, we want to have truths that will stop it at the door of our minds. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:14) “God has a plan for me.” (Jeremiah 29:11)
  3. Have a party with FAITH FRIENDS. We need to foster those supportive relationships in our lives by encouraging others and celebrating the faithfulness of God.
  4. Give out FAITH favors. Share our stories of God’s faithfulness. This encourages others’ faith and strengthens ours as well. Encouragement is powerful and much better than candy!
  5. Allow FAITH to move in and take up residence. We must realize the power of faith. I love it when Mark writes in his gospel that a father whose son was demon possessed admits, “I believe. Help my unbelief!” Let us beg for FAITH to be a greater presence in our lives than fear.

Fear loses its power when faith takes over. So, go ahead, let faith move in. When you make it your primary resident, fear doesn’t stand a chance.

Kelli is a motivational speaker, writer, and blogger and loves seeing people reach their full potential in Christ. In her role as Serve Minister at Christ Community Church in Georgia, she has the awesome privilege of rallying others to find their unique place of ministry. Her favorite home team includes her loving, funny, yet quiet husband, and her two loving, funny, and not so quiet children. Connect with Kelli on her Facebook Page, Twitter, and her Website.

Thanks Kelli! What a great perspective. And you, sweet reader friend, what fears are trying to camp out in your living room right now? What steps could you take today to send fear packing and get Faith to move in?


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