Secrets to Love Your Mornings (Even Before the Coffee!)

I roll over and smack the alarm clock. Green numbers blurry, static playing on the radio (thank you, little child who messes with the dials!) My husband gently nudges. Waking to his voice still fills my heart and makes me smile. But the moment is short-lived.

“Oh crap. The kids are going to be late for school!!”

I leap from bed, grab my sweats (I’m pretty sure I wore them two other mornings this week, but who cares, right?) Rubbing sleepy eyes, I reach up to start the oh-so-fun morning routine.

I know I’m not alone in this moment. A whole bunch of moms at a group I visited yesterday admitted to the same thing! 

There has to be a better way. A way to wake excited and full of energy… at least most mornings. I’ve been on the hunt for that magic recipe as a mom myself, and here’s what I’ve discovered: Mornings really can be alert and full of energy, without 3 cups of coffee, if we do a couple of simple things.

Set up a morning that welcomes you. 
While I always feel better when my kids’ bags are by the door, and the table is cleared or even set for breakfast before I go to bed, those things don’t make me jump out of bed singing Sound of Music refrains.

As part of the evening routine, I’m learning to leave little “love notes” to myself around the house. 

I clean and stock the coffee maker so I just have to click “on” in the morning, or put all the dishes in the dishwasher so my sink is gleamingly empty, or lay out one of my favorite outfits for the next day. Or even write a post-it of encouragement, a fun quote or “go get ’em!” and stick it on my bathroom mirror.

Plan what you love into every day. 
I always know the days when I did nothing that naturally plays to my strengths. They’re the ones where I stay up until 1 a.m. surfing the web or watching movies…. just because I feel watered-down and empty. But somehow it’s easier to retire early on days when I busily did what I love: writing, speaking, reading a great book, organizing one of my kids’ rooms (yes, I know I’m weird). So now I plan a little of that into every day.

When we’re intentional about making space for the things we naturally do well each day, we won’t need to stay up late searching for something to make us feel better, happier, more relaxed or complete. We’ll already feel that way. Which makes mornings much more fabulous!

Trust… out loud.
If feeling like you’re not really living the life you want keeps your mornings funky, fear will glue your body in bed with the covers over your head. This one’s a daily battle for me, especially over the past few months as my oldest daughter’s moods swung and raged over the absence of her younger sister. I discovered a secret about trust recently that is getting me through this:

Trust isn’t a feeling. It’s a choice. 

As we choose to rely and be confident in God during the tough stuff, and even speak the choice aloud, we change things. Discouragement dissipates, and everyone around us is on notice we don’t intend to quit or let the situation steamroll you. Intending, choosing trust will get you out of bed on the days you think you can’t do it.

So rise and shine, amazing you!


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