Outrageous Grace

We sat savoring Thai food and each other’s company. This mentor and friend has a wondrous ability to both spice up my spiritual life and find fabulous hole-in-the-wall places to eat while she does it.

Every time we meet, she says something about God is outrageous. His love is outrageous. His goodness is outrageous. His mercy is outrageous. His plans for us are. . . yes, you guessed it, outrageous (in a good way!)

I love that perspective, but until recently, I haven’t thought of God that way in my own life. Is God amazing? Yes. Powerful, wise, forgiving and loving? Yes. But extravagant? Outrageous about any of those traits? Well, that’s just a little too much for my conservative heart.

Then God did something outrageously beautiful for one of my daughters. And I started to get it.

Today I’m sharing that story over at SpecialNeedsParenting.net.


special needs sleepovers laurie wallin

I don’t have to tell anyone here that our special kids miss milestones their age peers take for granted. It’s a fact of the lives we lead. There are diapers in 6th grade (or longer), learning to read years after they “should” (which means maybe never), and tantrums until only-God-knows when (we haven’t hit the endpoint yet!)

My hopes for something as superfluous as a slumber party for my 11 year old with mental, developmental and medical challenges were smaller than nil.

Until two weeks ago.

“Can I please have a sleepover?” She begged with those big, carmel-brown eyes.

“Honey, I would love that so much. You’re working hard and doing really well, but your room smells like pee. She may not understand why it’s like that.” I said in my best hope-filled, please-don’t-hate-me-or-give-up-on-all-this-great-progress voice.

“It’s OK, mom. I think she won’t mind,” she said.

I did what any good mom of a kid with challenges would do to keep from putting my kid in a potentially embarrassing situation: I brushed off the conversation.

But she was undeterred. . .

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