My Way, The High Way, and Traveling Toward Joy

The road to joy winds often, but it always takes us The High Way. {Image credit: grafvision / 123RF Stock Photo; quote: Laurie Wallin}

The road to joy winds often, but it always takes us The High Way. {Image credit: grafvision / 123RF Stock Photo; quote: Laurie Wallin}

As we finish our month-long series on “Real Joy (And How We Get It),” I have to admit it’s been an unusual journey. We peeled back all church-y-ness and asked some tough questions and looked at what joy really is, even in the deepest valleys we face. 

To close our series, my friend Sharita Knobloch leaves us with one of the fastest ways we get to joy: The High Way.


There’s something you should know about me: I’m kind of a nerd.

Not quite a nerd of Steve Urkel magnitude, but a little bit of a nerd nonetheless.

I love inky pens, journals, and most office supplies in general. I treat books as old friends, totally dig résumé editing, and, while I despise numbers, nothing gets me more excited than formatting a color-coded spreadsheet.

Oh, and I listen to Army cadence while working out.

Wait. What?

Army cadence is awesome. Maybe it’s because I’m married to a U.S. Army Infantryman. Or maybe it’s because I’m just a nerd.

Whatever the reason, my beloved husband—recently done with a two-year duty of being a drill sergeant—introduced me to a lot of cadences. Here’s a little piece of one of my favorites: (Try to yell this in your head in a marching, rhythmic tone…)

“Just the other day I heard a drill sergeant saaaaayyyy… It’s my way or your way and your way’s the highway.” 

Hmmm… It’s my way or your way and your way’s the highway. Think about that… While it’s a fun play on words, revamp the context a bit and this catchy phrase also has significant application in our walk as Christians.

See, in this life, there is ALWAYS a way. It might be a game plan to accomplish a goal, or how to fulfill our call of the various roles in life, or a number of other things. And while there is always a way… Sometimes, there’s a BEST way.

Isaiah 55:9 tells us: “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Such a powerful truth… but I often forget it in the heat of the moment, because let’s be honest… My natural tendency is to want things done MY WAY. Like, um, yesterday.

So many times I have insisted on doing things MY way, even though I know about God’s love and faithfulness behind His plans. (He has proven this truth to me time and time again.) When I barrel ahead with MY way before consulting God for guidance, I am essentially saying, “Outta my way, Jesus! I’ve got my own ways to git-er-dun. I’ve got this. It’s go time.”

After the Lord gets done laughing (lovingly, of course) at my naivety and heifer-like attitude, I imagine He sits back and watches me “work.”

And by “work,” I mean worry, wear myself out, stress, fret, and often fall flat on my stubborn little face.

Fortunately, the very moment that we realize that OUR way isn’t going so hot, we can circle back around and He is right there, waiting for us with open arms. Waiting with grander, more powerful, more loving ways to do life than we could ever come up with on our own.

So yes, dear friends… There is ALWAYS a way. But we have a choice of which way we go. Will we do it our way, the hard way… Or His way… the High-Way?

To ponder: When have you done things your own way? How did it turn out? What did you learn? How do you feel when you watch God’s plans unfold? How does this motivate you to seek His way for your life? 


SharitaKnoblochA personal pep-talker and Jesus lover at heart, Sharita Knobloch is a chocolate-indulging, pseudo-running, enthusiastically creative minister, writer, and Spiritual Leadership Coach.  She blogs regularly and hosts a ministry called 7 Days Time which inspires others to find Jesus in the everyday. Whenever she gets the chance, she enjoys exploring her current “home” state of Washington with her Beloved U.S. Army Infantry husband Brandon, new baby girl Charis and their hilarious pup, Sweet Justus.

Connect with Sharita via her website–7 Days Time–or on Facebook or Twitter.

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