Living a Legacy – Life as a People-Builder

The bright sunshine warmed my back as I watched the ceremony with my family. Pride filled my heart and tears filled my eyes as the naval officers honored my grandpa, a World War II veteran. My grandpa was an amazing man for his 92 years of life. Mostly because he was just a normal, average guy, who made it his life’s work to invest in people. He wasn’t perfect, but he was a true cultivator of relationships and lives around him. As I sat at the graveside, saying good-bye to my grandfather, I felt my heart thanking him for the example he set in his life.

I recently began work to become a Life Coach, so I find myself looking for examples like his as I find my place in this profession. Who do I admire in their work with people? What will I uniquely bring to my clients? Turns out I’m pretty lucky here, because I don’t have to look far for inspiration. I realize that I come from a long line of people-builders.

One is my dad. He’s a consultant and has spent decades helping companies find what’s not working – or maybe just not working as well as they’d like – and helping them turn things around and find success. He knows that people are the most important resources in every company, so he intentionally supports them in the process of a company’s growth, and consequently, has seen many victories in company’s he’s partnered with through the years.

And there’s my mom. She recently took the Strengths Finder profile (to determine and define some of the things she’s best at and that give her the most joy – It confirmed what we’ve all known in the family already – that she excels in interpersonal relationships, despite her own personal challenges. Like my dad, she knows that not only in companies, but in every area of life, people and relationships are most important. She’s invested in the lives of countless individuals in her community through her career in nursing and her private voice coaching business over the years and helped people do things they themselves never thought they could.

So where will I fit into this legacy? My hope is to both carry on what I’ve seen in my family and add my own flavor to that. I desire to invest in people and help them discover what they love and what they are best at, and to live God’s best for them in each area of their lives. It’s a job we’ve been doing in my family for generations and I’m so excited to step into this.

In what ways you’re growing and seeking to live out God’s best for you right now? What’s going well? In what areas do you feel you need more support? I’d love to hear from you and share with you in this journey!

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