Life on the Rebound

Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from adversity or misfortune – to rebound….Neurology Now Mar/Apr 2010

Resilience is required for long, healthy life
Dr. Robert Butler – pioneer in geriatric medicine and healthy aging – Longevity Rx – boils down to stress management, good sleep, social connectivity, sense of purpose will keep you healthy over the long haul

considering we’re each either in a trial, just came from one or are headed in to one, today we’re looking at how all of us can live on the rebound! How?

Change our thinking
1. About stress and its purpose
We need stress: no stress = no growth
benefits immune system
wild animal park enclosure arrangement = normal behavior, lifespan, reproduction
chicks have to struggle to get out of their shells to be strong enough to survive after hatching

2. About our responses to stress
Maslow – stress represents an unmet need or threat to a need
Tension is our way of revealing we’re stressed
We have a choice how we respond… even to chronic stressors or challenging people

Build your Resilience Muscles – train for the long haul!
1. Physical –

2. Social/Emotional –
ask for help,
forgive – don’t poison yourself,
invest in what you love

3. Mental –
be present w/self and others,
imagine resilience in your situation,
plan for known stressors

What are your main stressors right now? Describe scenes in which they occur.What’s working for you, what’s not?
Visualization/meditation time to picture yourself using some of the strategies next time

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