Leading Without Followers: Interview with Dave Ursillo {GIVEAWAY}

Today’s post is an interview with a new author who sees leadership potential in us all. No matter whether we’re CEO of a company, a SAHM, a WAHM or in any other role in life, we’re there for a reason and we can make a difference there! Please join me in welcoming Dave Ursillo, author of Lead Without Followers. And check out the great giveaway he’s offering at the end of the post!
Laurie: Dave, thanks so much for joining us today! Please share a little about your book and your vision to change the way we view leadership.

Dave: Lead Without Followers is what I call an “alternative leadership” philosophy: it’s an empowering and very different idea that leadership comes wholly from within you, and is not qualified or quantified by the presence of followers.

Today, we qualify leadership based upon things that we do not have but think that we  “need” in order to be leaders.

I’m talking about followers, money, social status, job title, the perception of “power” and so forth. These things, we all quietly believe, make someone most worthy of being a “real leader.”

(Laurie: …a mindset that leaves moms at home with kids feeling like they fell out of that conversation completely. Another reason I’m excited about your book!)

Dave: But in truth, leadership is a quality that is completely derived from a place within us: the compelling urge to help others, to live for others, to help people, to better our world and so forth …not the material objects or social qualifiers of success that we use to compare our “self worth” to others.

Laurie: I love this on your book’s page: “What you do individually, within yourself, can profoundly change the world.” How did you come to believe and want to share that with others?

Dave: Well, I suppose it was the culmination of many events in my life! Such a belief is what I have come to call “power from within,” or the untouchable talents, gifts, abilities, dreams, passions and goals that we each possess that come together to create an absolutely unique offering to our world.

That “power” is similar to the concept of Self-Reliance, as espoused by one of my favorite writers, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Instead of focusing upon what we are without, all we need to do is to look within.

Laurie: What encouragement do you have for my readers as they pursue parenting, ministry or small businesses? 

Dave: There are always reasons, obstructions, and even completely valid excuses to hold us back from putting a plan or dream into action. 

There will never be a “perfect time,” you just need to start where you are — regardless of where that is. 

As Lao Tsu said 2,600 years ago, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with just one step.” You never know where the path will lead, but in life, you never really know where you’re headed. Just take the first step.

Laurie: Tell us more about your book and what readers can expect. 

Dave: The book is set against a disturbing backdrop: an escalating atmosphere of anger with elected leaders; venomous partisan bickering in Washington D.C. and an uncharacteristic but prevalent pessimism shared by many Americans.

This book invites readers to …embark upon a unique personal journey to discover an unconventional and profound form of “quiet” leadership that can be embodied by men and women in any walk of life. 

The book lays out a step-by-step process for ordinary men and women to discover and harness a unique, highly-effective and influential form of quiet leadership… [which] helps you reconnect with leadership’s truest traits, such as positivity and hope, love, selfless giving, forgiveness, compassion and much more. 

We need to re-inspire this kind of leadership. By becoming “leaders without followers,” I believe we will free ourselves from disillusionments and regain a purer sense of what it really means to lead.

Laurie: Any fun offers for my readers today?

Dave: Of course! I’d be happy to give away two copies of my book’s digital package ($37 value) to two commenters who share the most compelling reason why they have redefined the meaning of leadership in their own lives, or why they wish to learn how and why to!

Leave a comment below and tell your story. Two winners will be randomly selected to receive: 

  • Full 18-Chapter Digital Book of Lead Without Followers + BONUS Deleted Chapter (PDF format)
  • Mobile Editions (.Epub, .PRC + .HTML) for Kindle, iPad, Nook and other e-readers
  • Special Video Series with Author (.MP4 videos) + 18-Track Audio Commentary with Author (.MP3s)

Winners will be selected at 12 p.m. Pacific Time on 10/13/11.

Thank you, Dave, for your heart to help people be empowered to lead in whatever capacity we find ourselves. All the best with your book!


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