If You’re Sick of Waiting for Life to Sprout

Self-control: doing what it takes for a seed to grow well. {Image credit: ekays / 123RF Stock Photo}

Self-control: doing what it takes for a seed to grow well. {Image credit: ekays / 123RF Stock Photo}

Thomas Edison invented over 10,000 failing light bulbs before the first one worked.

Noah built an ark before he ever saw a drop of rain. 120 years later, the first drop fell. He was pretty glad he had the boat.

Einstein didn’t start speaking until he was 3 years old. He was so quiet and slow of speech in elementary school that they thought he was stupid. By 17, he was doing math that stumped just about everyone …in the whole world.

Woodrow Wilson couldn’t read a book until he was 11 years old. But his learning efforts did pan out after all: President of Princeton University in 1902… then President of the USA later on!

Why all these examples?

Because watching the dirt when we’re hoping for a fruitful life is pretty darned annoying. It’s tiring in its hopelessness at times. It can make us want to kick the soil, spew expletives, and give up on the garden.

I get it. Today, as I prepare for another round of hours-and-hours of doctor appointments for the STILL not resolved (we’re going on 9 years, here) issues buffeting my second daughter. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to struggle with this. I’m tired of the dirt and I want to sell the damn farm, people.

Then I look over at the light next to me, think of Edison, and am so glad he stuck with that lightbulb.

I’m really, really glad Noah stuck with that ark.

And even if I don’t agree with all of Wilson’s politics, I’m encouraged that great things come with being stubborn enough to keep going, even if the fruit’s not evident at first (or second, or a year later…)

That patch of dirt you’re staring at in your life right now… are you getting tired of waiting for the fruit of your effort to sprout and flourish? I hear you!

Let’s sit and watch the dirt together. Let’s stay the course until that sprout comes, or God nudges us toward a new patch of dirt to tend.

Perhaps doing the wait together is today’s fruit.

You’re friend in life’s garden,


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