If You’re Afraid of Being Uncomfortable, Don’t Read This

Today I’m guest posting over at Marni Arnold’s site—a site dedicated to finding joy and victory in life’s hurts and challenges. I have the privilege of kicking off her new series that brings fresh perspective to familiar topics like friendship, joy, grief, leadership, and brokenness. 

What Is Brokenness?

“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
– Psalm 34:18

She sat, rocking herself on the curb. Tears rolling down cheeks still flushed from her violent outburst moments before. She knew it wasn’t working, this attempt to live normally, because inside, her heart’s shattered pieces made normal impossible. This child – outwardly beautiful, athletic, outgoing – neglected in early life, adopted as a preschooler, could not receive the good around her. She screamed at it, damaged it, hurt people, lost friendships. Where do you put the good in a vessel crushed by neglect and abuse?

This is my daughter. A young, beautiful girl with fire-red hair who met brokenness early in life. We knew God’s commands to help the hurting. We felt called to raise her and live what we knew of Scripture in this tangible way.

But I didn’t have any idea what that would mean for me. Click here to read more.


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