How to Let It Go – For Real.

She shifts in her seat and looks uncomfortable. But then again, she almost always does. Her words convey insecurity, worry, grief and loneliness. It doesn’t matter how many friends she has, what kinds of clothes she wears, or the neighborhood she lives in. She’s aching inside. And she just keeps on aching, month after month, year after year.

She’s the friend who never seems to have joy. Who can’t quite wrap her hands around confidence. Who’s always looking for something more.

I’ve been that woman more than I want to admit. You’ve probably been her too.

Many years ago, someone like us sat next to a hot spring. For years he sat, frustrated, discouraged, seeking more and not knowing how to find it. Then one day, a stranger walked up to him and asked:

“Do you want to be healed?”*

What a stupid question, the crippled man must have thought. Are you kidding me?

But the asker wasn’t asking him if he wanted to be able to walk again – though no doubt the man did want that.

He was asking something more. The original language in this passage asks this: Do you intend to become (to exist) whole and complete?

Do you intend…?
Will we choose life? Will we decide we’ll live whole and full despite whatever lack or challenge we face?

The paralytic needed to want it. We need to want it. We need to choose it, and keep right on choosing and wanting and hoping for better no matter what happens or how tough it gets. We need to read things that inspire us, surround ourselves with people who encourage us, invest in people and activities that bring us life and reinforce our intention to be whole.

…to become…?
Will we allow life to grow us? Will we give God permission to change our hearts and heal the wounds? Will we do the work to learn how to exist with a mindset of fullness and gratitude?

What experiences do you know you need to invest in on your road to wholeness? What action must you take to become who you know, deep down, you’re meant to be? Is it to make that move to a new community or church? Is it a commitment to a date night every week with your spouse so you can grow in your marriage? Whatever it is, it will require becoming. It requires movement… change.

whole and complete?
Will we open our eyes to see the abundance around us, even in chaotic, stressful or grief-filled seasons? Will we live life as though the many promises we say we believe are true?

Jesus didn’t ask the guy at the pool if he wanted to walk. He asked him if he wanted to be made whole. Wholeness isn’t just alleviation of annoying circumstances or healing of a wound. It’s more.

Wholeness – healing – is about seeing what’s right in us and our lives, not the absence of what’s wrong.

It takes a new perspective. It might mean setting aside more time to listen in prayer. Or getting a journal and writing your story and journey so you can step back to see it unfold and the patterns emerge. Whatever it takes to live in gratitude and fullness.

So…. Do you want to be healed? 

A gift…

I’d love to support you in letting go so you can grab hold of better in life.

I’m giving away 5 beautiful, embossed journals. They can be a place where you intend, become and find perspective in your journey. Winners will be selected from those who comment here or at Moms Together on 9/20/11. If you’re reading this in a feed/email – to comment, click here.

Just a way to say thanks for being a part of the community here – for all you bring to my life and the lives of others through your comments and sharing your heart!


*John 5:6

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