How Can You Fit Friendship Into Life?

{Image: “Friendship isn’t one big thing, it’s a million little things.” ~ Author Unknown}

Friendship makes life livable, bearable, semi-understandable and often delightful. Friendship makes… a life. After my last post, and the discussion that day on Moms Together, one of biggest hurdles many mentioned was this: how do I meet a new friend or even make time for “old” ones? 

A book club is a great way to do just that. Having a common activity and goal, as well as shared vocabulary around each story, makes connecting with a new friend easier. And combining a relaxing pastime you love with friend-time can ease the “when do I have time?” conundrum. 

Please welcome another of Living Power’s new guest bloggers – my amazing friend Laura Polk – as she shares about her book club and this month’s selection. Let’s build some friendships!


Isn’t it awful funny how nothing ever turns out like we planned? From the tiny things like making a cake, to the big things like building a family, we are likely surprised with what we get in the end.

The beauty of course, is that the end is a surprise. 

And, though our plans may not have played out as we hoped, there is One whose plan is always played out, and always perfect for us.

In this month’s She Reads selection, Far from Here by Nicole Baart, Danica Greene’s life is a well placed plan. After growing up in an unusual family, she finds the perfect husband, Etsell, and is building the perfect life. Though they have their differences, she excuses them as “part of the process of coming together, the way we dulled our sharp edges on each other, made promises we had no intent to keep.” Even as she and her husband drift apart, she remains determined that everything is fine.

But, when his dream opportunity to pilot planes in Alaska for a few weeks presents itself, Etsell readily agrees without consulting Dani. The plane disappears in the rough terrain, leaving Danica’s life turned on a dime as she wonders if he is missing, or has he simply left her?

She Reads would love for you to join us this month as we read and discuss this book together online! We post a reading schedule on the 1st, and begin discussions on the 7’s (7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th). Each month, She Reads offers a featured selection that is as varied as the readers themselves. We make sure to present diverse genres and authors, for a total of twelve books a year.

We connect with fellow readers via our blog, newsletter, local She Reads book clubs, and –my favorite—the online book club which allows you to read and discuss at your own pace. (Ok, it’s my favorite because I lead it, but still.) Oh yeah—did I mention we have awesome giveaways? Check in each month as our featured book’s publisher often has fun and generous surprises to share!
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About Laura
Laura Polk has a passion for bringing other women closer to Christ through stories that speak truth to their lives. Her blog DesignHer Faith strives to do just that. She leads the online book club at She Reads, is the Friday host at Moms Together on facebook, and tweets at @laurapolk. She is also a co-founder and regular contributor at Samie Sisters, a ministry for tween girls of faith. She lives in eastern North Carolina with her husband, three children, a dog whose tongue is too large to fit in her mouth, and a lengthy black snake in the crawl space (please kill it).


Are you ready to invest in regular time or activities with friends?  It might seem like an impossibility, but really, we spend time on lots of things that don’t fill us up with the good stuff in life. Maybe for you it’s checking out Laura’s group at She Reads. Maybe it’s a monthly girl’s night with friends at a local restaurant. Whatever that looks like for you, I hope you’ll take the risk with your time and energy to invest in friends. After all, don’t we all know, deep down, this truth: 

“My friends are my estate.” – Emily Dickinson

In friendship,

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