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“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” ~H. E. Luccock

This site’s here for you – to provide resources, stories and tools to live life with confidence and joy. Each of the women here are an important part of that! Writing here once a quarter or more, each brings unique, life-giving encouragement. I hope you’ll take a moment to visit their sites and get to know them and their ministries!

Diane W. Bailey is the author of, String of Pearls (BorderStone Press, 2011). String of Pearls shares how we can take our sorrows to Christ, and like a grain of sand in an oyster becomes a pearl, our sorrows become a testimony of Christ in our lives. Diane is married to Joseph and they share four children, two stepchildren and two birth children for each of them.  They have three grandchildren who they call “Rewards for not resigning from parenthood.” A guest on numerous radio shows, she also shares her story, encouragement, and beautiful photos on her blog (,  Twitter and Facebook page.

Jennifer JanesJennifer A. Janes lives in Arkansas with her husband, two beautiful daughters, two cats, and two pet mice. Her younger daughter’s special needs have made life more of an adventure than she ever anticipated, but she’s finally learning to relax and “embrace the crazy.” Jennifer blogs at her site,, and is a regular contributor at Special Happens and the Home Educating Family blog. She led a meet-up for parents of kids with special needs at The 2:1 Conference in April 2012.

KelliWommackKelli Wommack is a motivational speaker, writer, and blogger and loves seeing people reach their full potential in Christ. In her role as Serve Minister at Christ Community Church in Georgia, she has the awesome privilege of rallying others to find their unique place of ministry. Her favorite home team includes her loving, funny, yet quiet husband, and her two loving, funny, and not so quiet children. Connect with Kelli on her Facebook Page, Twitter, and her website,

Alicia TerryAlicia Terry is a speaker, trainer, writer, and blogger who loves using her gift of communication to equip God’s people for works of service so the body of Christ may be built up. She lives in Texas and is a lover of nature. She often learns some of the most profound life lessons through God’s creation and shares it in her writing. She encourages people to 1.) develop a sincere relationship with God, 2.) see themselves as God sees them, 3.) be who God has called them to be, 4.) do what God has called them to do, and 5.) change the world in the process. Alicia shares her insights on her blog at  In addition to connecting with Alicia on her blog, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Marni Arnold is a happily married woman, homeschooling mama to one son, and a writer living in Charlotte, NC. Finishing up her last year of college in the Spring of 2013, Marni is devoted to a life of ministry focused passionately on helping others – particularly young women – understand that true life healing is available at all times in Christ Jesus. In leisure, she enjoys reading, watching movies with her family, taking long walks in nature, and enjoys capturing life in images through her love of amateur photography. Check out her site ( and find her on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Sharita Knobloch is a personal pep-talker and Jesus lover at heart, and a chocolate-indulging, pseudo-running, sarcastically-creative minister, writer and speaker.  She blogs daily and hosts a ministry called 7 Days Time which encourages others to be active in sharing God’s love via prayer and random acts of kindness. Sharita is also SERVE Ministry Apprentice at Christ Community Church. Whenever she gets the chance, she enjoys hanging out with her beloved infantry drill sergeant husband and their hilarious puppy, Sweet Justus. Connect with Sharita via Facebook, Twitter, and her Blog.

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