Got Anger? Four Ways to Diffuse the Explosions

Some people are mild-mannered. I am not one of those people. My blood boils on a regular basis, sometimes for valid reasons, sometimes not. But frequently nevertheless. Today, I crashed into a moment of anger when my daughter stood up an peed on the floor in my car on the way home from an errand. There is a history here, so my patience died long ago for this particular behavior.


I took some deep breaths, resisted the urge to drive the car off the highway and into the ditch, and informed my kids through gritted teeth that they would be in their rooms until I cleaned the mess. They mostly obliged. My car and downstairs got immaculately cleaned through my super-human-pissed-off-strength. We all survived this moment of angst unscathed. But it’s not always that beautiful.

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