The Gift of Gab? {Guest Sharita Knobloch on Living Quirks Well}

{Image credit: choreograph / 123RF Stock Photo; words: Laurie Wallin}

{Image credit: choreograph / 123RF Stock Photo; words: Laurie Wallin}

Hi. I am Sharita. And I… I am… (gulp) a talker.

Whew. It feels so good just to get that out there!

My love of chatter was there from the get-go. Just ask my mom. She said I never met a stranger. Mom said that if she weren’t careful, the bank teller or grocery clerk would know my whole life story in a matter of moments.

Growing up, I know my talking bugged some people. As a teenager, I didn’t have much of a filter. Sometimes my mouth got me in trouble. I talked just to talk.

It started to bother me. I began to believe the lies that I had nothing productive to say. I was talking more and more, being loud and bubbly to drown out this thought in my heart that I was different.

I didn’t want to embrace it. I wanted to hide it. As hard as I tried, it wasn’t going to happen. I just kept talking.  First, empty words. Then… I met Jesus. 

God began to change my endless chatter into something productive. He began shaping me as a leader. As a public speaker.  As a minister and coach. Now, several years later, I am blessed to be His mouthpiece, both in written and spoken word.

Do I still get nervous when I write or speak about God? Absolutely. However, I have learned that God has refined and continues to refine this quirky chatter of mine into something that cultivates joy and brings Him glory.

God has given me the gift of gab. As a result, I can walk His walk and talk His talk. 

I still struggle with it sometimes. Sometimes after meeting new people or sharing a message with a crowd, little whispers sneak into my heart: “Was that unprofessional? I bet they think I am an idiot. Why didn’t I just shut up?”

Most times, those whispers are lies from the enemy. He is constantly on a mission to reinstate those feelings of insecurity or uneasiness when it comes to my call to chat about God.

But guess what? He won’t win… Because God holds my heart AND my tongue.

God is revealing more and more to me that this quirk of being talkative has a lot of power:

  • As a minister, this God given-quirk allows me to encourage and speak the truth in love.
  • As a coach, I can speak as the Holy Spirit prompts, sharing concise messages and powerful truths.
  • As a leader, my words help make new experiences more comfortable and less awkward for others.
  • As a friend, my words can bring laughter to challenging situations.
  • As a wife, I can speak words of affirmation to my beloved husband.
  • As a mama, my quirkiness can teach and encourage my little one as she grows and learns about Christ.

Your quirk, whatever it is, also has power.

Take it from me. If you are hiding a quirk, trying to stifle it, just stop. Instead of denying the unique gifts God has given you, embrace them. Pray about how He wants to use your quirkiness to bring Him glory.

Trust Him and know that your quirk, your wonderful weirdness, whatever it might be is ready to help you walk His walk, talk His talk, or be whatever else like Him that you’re designed to be.



Sharita KnoblochSharita Knobloch is a Jesus-loving, enthusiastically creative minister, writer, and Spiritual Leadership Coach.  She loves encouraging others to find Jesus in the everyday and live in His light through blogging and coaching at 7 Days Time Ministry. She adores her family, specifically her Beloved army infantry husband Brandon, their sweet daughter Charis and goofy little dog Justus. Sharita enjoys exploring her current “home” state of Washington, breaking in new journals with inky pens, and the occasional square of dark chocolate in the bathtub.

Connect with Sharita on her Website, Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. says

    Oh mercy, Sharita and Laurie — last weekend I visited a Life Group class and the lesson was on Job, which I’d recently taught through at my home church. The class was quiet during the discussion, so of course I felt the need to chime in! Later, I remembered a favorite verse,

    Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord, keep watch over the door of my lips. ~Psalm 141:3

    I’m going to trust that when He tells the guard of my mouth to “stand down,” it’s good and right to speak up!

    • says

      I don’t know, Susan, I think there can be a guard and watch over our mouths and lips when we’re talking and when we’re quiet. (At least, I really hope that’s true! 🙂 Something I often pray (since I’m a talker too) is that verse in Isaiah where his tongue is touched with holy fire, purified to speak God’s truth and wisdom.

    • Sharita Knobloch says

      Love your perspective on this, Susan…I used to be an avid word vomiter, just spewing whatever out of my mouth then (literally and figuratively) cleaning up the mess later. But Jesus is such a great filter for my gift of gab!

    • says

      Funny you mention that, Elizabeth. I found it to be really hard to write as a talker. . . until I discovered I could dictate my books! Yay for technology that plays to our quirky strengths!!

    • Sharita Knobloch says

      I totally agree with Laurie… Writing a book as a talker isn’t as easy as it sounds. Something about not using so much slang and being able to appeal to a variety of folks adds a new level of challenge. (I don’t think I would be very good at dictating my thoughts either. Hmmm.)

      Thanks for joining the conversation, Elizabeth… 11 days til her book releases. SO. EXCITED!

  2. MotheringFromScratch says

    {Kathy} Well, I was nicknamed “Chatty Cathy” after the doll in the 70’s. I find myself in exactly the situations you described above. I have also learned the art of saying, “I am so sorry I just said that. Please forgive me.” The saying, “Lord, keep one hand on my shoulder and the other one over my mouth” resonates clearly with me. Thanks for sharing your gift of gab today!!!

  3. HeartsHomeward says

    Love this! I remember one person had no tact once and told me, “You talk way too much. I never get a word in.” I am not THAT kind of talker, though I sure love to talk. I was introverted and shy as a child, but at home and with familiar people I would talk a lot. As you so eloquently say here, God holds my tongue. I have been given self-control as I have grown in Him and my silence is as precious as my words now. I felt the sting of the hurtful comments about my words and I have retreated at times in response to those unkind reactions, but in the end, I have recovered each time and realized, as you do, that words are a gift. His Word (He even is THE WORD) contains praises for timely words and words shared from a loving heart. Our words can be a gift — even a big one when they flow and flow as yours and mine do. Thank you, fellow wordy girl. I sure appreciate the affirmation and camaraderie you share here.

    • says

      Isn’t it amazing that He’s strong enough to hold that powerful a tool. . . and for all of us the wold over!? Totally humbling and encouraging that nothing is outside His strength.

    • Sharita Knobloch says

      Such a powerful testimony to his plan and faithfulness! I totally agree that silence is just as powerful and have learned how incredibly God can work through both. Thanks for chiming in 🙂