Getting Unstuck: Am I doing it right?

I sat on the couch at my daughter’s treatment center, thoughts and questions tumbling, twisting, grappling. Trying to find something solid – some precedent or guideline. Some principle to hold on to. Some truth that, if I followed it, assured I’d be making the right decision for my daughter.

That I’d…. do it right.

Six weeks since she moved into the residential facility and now we decide whether she needs a season of far fewer visits with the family. Will that help her heal? Will it rip open the wounded attachment we’d worked to repair? Will it tell her we love her? Will it let her drift away?

Will we… do it right?

Maybe you’ve been there too. Not necessarily on a couch deciding your child’s next therapeutic move, but maybe about something else.

We reason our way through things. Read books. Attend seminars. Seek council. We put our minds to the task that sometimes only our hearts can do.

What would it look like in your situation if you decided to have faith and to trust?

What if it wasn’t about doing it right, but rather…


As I sat and considered that today, something shifted inside. The wrestling settled. The peace pressed in. Loving her well focuses on her instead of me and what I’m doing. It leaves room for mistakes – hers and mine. It looks less like a task-list and more like a relationship.

More than anything, loving her well puts responsibility for accomplishment in the hands of the only One who can change and heal a life or situation.

Loving them well releases us from the “Am I doing it right?” mentality. It stretches us past our logic, reasoning, resources, and options and into the realm of miracles.

“Faith is reason grown courageous.” – Sherwood Eddy 

Be courageous in your life and love today!


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