Getting Confidence Back as a Parent (Video Blog)

A round black token with painted-on gold words, the message was worn in places. Even as a kid, understood it’s meaning. I liked it because it captured grandpa’s propensity for wise (and corny) humor. It said:

“Now’s my chance. Now I can do it. Now at last I’ve got a round tuit!”

Over the years, I’ve often thought of that little token when I finally get to something that’s lived way too long on my task list.

This video is one of those things! Of all the talk topics I share with groups, this has been my most requested year after year. Parents often ask afterward if I have online videos or refreshers for them to view or share with friends. I’ve smiled and said “No” (and thought to myself “Good idea. But it took just about everything I’ve got to LIVE this talk. Then the sliver of me that was left to SHARE it… Capturing it online might make me pass out!”)

Now, with life a little less stressful than it’s been in recent years, I’ve come back to the idea. So here it is!

This short video is the introduction to my talk, Raising a Tough Nut. It shares the first of 5 tools to overcome your child’s most frustrating behavior battles.

Getting Confidence Back as a Parent (Raising a Tough Nut Part 1) – 5:22 min  
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What I like about it is the one-on-one style, like we’re sitting together over coffee (which I wish I could do with you!). But what I don’t like in this format is the absence of the energy that is present as audience members pipe up with questions, comments and join in the problem solving.

What do you think?

Could this be a helpful tool for you or someone you know to feel more confident, equipped and joy-filled when parenting their “tough nut?”

If it is helpful, would you help me to make it even more so? I’d love suggestions on topics/behaviors you’d like addressed in this video series. I’m not the definitive expert on parenting, but I’ve been in the trenches as a mom of 4 and I love to get creative and get the joy back into parenting the tough stuff!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s help more families together!


P.S. If this video helped you and you want to skip suggesting future topics and head right for some individual support in your family and parenting, I’d love to connect! Let’s see if coaching is a good fit for you. Email today for info!

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