Get Your Mojo Back: 6 Questions To Ask Yourself

Ugh. I thought as I sat to write a post for a ministry I’m in. Do I have to do this again? 
 A year ago, when I joined this team, I couldn’t wait to post each week. 
What happened to my mojo? 
All the other women on the team have such thriving pages and so many people commenting. 
They probably wouldn’t even notice if I skipped a week…

See yourself in any of those thoughts??

If we’re honest, we all struggle with this. The sucking sensation in our hearts and souls to be someone. Someone else. 

To think the grass is greener, the writing better, the job cooler, the house prettier, the husband nicer, the kids more perfect… on the other side.

We each have completely unique fingerprints, yet we try to duplicate each other in every other regard. The farther we walk that path, the more bland, lifeless and lost we get. We forget who we are – that we were woven together in our mother’s womb, we are the apple of God’s eye, that His thoughts toward us – toward you and me – number more than the grains of sand.

Friend, you are amazing. You are designed so unique, so beautifully, and life gets good when we become who God designed us to be. So how do you get that mojo back? Start with these questions:

  • What do I love to do? What activities energize you? What spark your curiosity, your attention, your loyalty or your longing? What could you do for hours and not notice time’s passing? What do you do whenever you have a spare moment?
  • What am I really good at? What do you do really well with little effort? What comes naturally to you? What are you known for (whether others appreciate it or tease you about it)? What feels like you’re getting off easy when assigned to you in a group project?
  • What do I instinctively do first on my task list? You may not love doing this, but it’s easy and straightforward, maybe even energizing for you. Why is that? What about that task makes it easy? The answers give you a clue about your strengths, which you can use to find more areas to employ those traits.
  • Who do I most enjoy being with? What about them do you enjoy? What feelings do they bring up in you? What are they known for? How have they shaped your life or view of the world?
  • When am I at my most creative in the day? Do you wake early to have that quiet productive time before your house wakes? Do you get your best writing or projects done in the wee hours of the morning? Do you have (like me) a strange 2-hours-before-lunch burst of energy and productivity?
  • Where do I most enjoy being? What is it about that space that meets a need, fills a gap, inspires, or energizes you? Is it the colors? The smells? The food? The sense of adventure? The restfulness?

As I sat down and considered my own answers to these questions in light of my involvement in the team I mentioned, I realized I’d lost touch with my own strengths. What I love doing, what I’m good at, what I look forward to, and who I intuitively connect with are totally different than the other women on the team.

And that’s exactly why we’re a team! 

I needed to let go of trying to fit in and by reconnecting with my own strengths, be the person they wanted on the team when they asked me to join. So I did. And I did my post a little different… a little more in line with my own heart. You know what? I can’t wait to do it again next week!

What about you? What would change in your life and activities if you started asking the right questions of yourself?


Here’s another great post on getting your mojo back from my friend Lisa Kift!

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