Generosity: The Key To Outrageous Success (Interview)

Today, I’m taking a break from the usual life-coaching posts to introduce you to a friend I admire for his heart and wisdom in business and family. An Author, Small Business Strategy Guru, and Host of Give-Getters Rule, he has pushed through his own challenges to do something great for others. And he’s got an amazing business resource (and a reason for you to come visit my lovely San Diego this fall!) that I wanted to share with you. 

Interview with Joon Han

Q: I love your Twitter profile’s motto: “Dedicated to helping decent, well-meaning people get the business success they deserve…” Please share a little more about this mission and vision. 

I founded Better San Diego to help organizations grow from being very busy to very effective. While helping a lot of larger clients over the past six years, it was sad to see so many smaller companies miss out on this type of business improvement because our tools made an even bigger impact in small businesses.

So I decided that I would only focus our strategic resources to help small business owners because I know behind every small business is a powerful dream to improve your life and opportunities for your loved ones. 

To that end, I wrote a book called “Get Ahead by Giving Back.” After lots of presentations and feedback on the book, our team created what we believe is the world’s best small business-specific training program -“Give Getters Rule!” So now I devote all of my time to that and pro bono client work. 

Q: What was your biggest obstacle as you began to make this vision a reality in your business?

It took me a long while to realize the only sustainable way to be successful was by being truly me and operating through my values and uniqueness… I found out through my research that mean, cut-throat people simply are not the best in the business world. If you want to get succeed by being a decent, well-meaning person then you have to be much, much more strategic and disciplined than other folks.

“The difference between being nice and generous was a huge game-changer for me. They’re very closely related, but people that are terminally nice can’t affect very much change in this world.”

It’s hard to be an effective leader and avoid any type of conflict- which is the problem with having niceness as a core value. Generosity is a whole different story, in that everything in business (and life) is based on building great rapport with your customers and strategic partners. And there’s absolutely no proven quicker way of building solid rapport than generosity.

Q: I have a lot of readers who are going through intense challenges, but choose to thrive and pursue their dreams in family and work anyway. What encouragement do you have for them?

“Our world needs you to do what you do well so don’t give up!”

You might not feel like it, but when you woke up today, you knew more about what you do than 99% of the world. You’re immensely valuable to all of us, so you need to have the courage and perseverance to get your message out there and do life and business the way you are built to.

Q: Tell us about your event coming up in San Diego this fall.

It’s called “Give Getters Rule!” It’s four days of real-time business improvement designed specifically for small business owners. There are tons of decent, well-meaning people that aren’t seeing the success they’d like and it’s because they’re decent, well-meaning people. You’ll learn how to use this as the ultimate business advantage with research and tools that aren’t seen anywhere else. 

This is high-end training for serious business folks and we even cover all your meals except one.

There are frankly not a lot of high-quality small business trainings out there and I’ve been training top-notch leaders for over twenty-one years. We take the practical, real-time improvement of our attendees very, very seriously.

Q: Any deals for my readers??

Here’s a free $7,000 training series for your readers that gives a great snapshot of the four-day training event. And because we’ve been pals for a l-o-n-g time, your folks get an unpublished special rate of 70% off their training event registration (a $2,300 discount!) until midnight, Fri 9/16 here.

Thanks so much, Joon!

Find Joon on LinkedIn and Facebook for more tips and tools.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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