Uncovering Joy in Life’s Frustrations

Today I have the joy of guest blogging at 7 Days Time. I hope you’ll stop by and read not only my post, but others on Sharita’s site. They’ll encourage you, challenge you, bring you joy…and quite possibly make you laugh harder than you have a long while!

When Life Is Anything But Everyday-ish

When Sharita asked me to share an “everyday Jesus” moment for this post, my first thought was, “Sounds great!”

Off I went through life over the next few weeks, eyes open for those everyday gifts and moments of goodness. Problem was, I couldn’t find any everydays… and without those, how would I do this assignment?

You see, life right now is a chaotic new “normal” for us.

I’m mom to two former foster kids, one of whom had a breakdown 18 months ago, ended up in a psych hospital (twice), then was admitted to residential treatment. It’s been 15-hours a week of joint therapy and driving to visitations, with added doctor conference calls as a bonus. And then there were my other three daughters—a tween with eyes perpetually set to “roll,” a 7-year-old who loves figuring out how things work (cue: me, locked in a bathroom last week when she took off the doorknob), and a preschooler who, I think, only comes up for air 3-4 times a day in between stories and questions.

There just aren’t any everydays. Crazydays, yes. But not everydays.

Fortunately, my crazy doesn’t scare Jesus one bit. He reminded me of this a few weeks ago…

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