When We Realize We’ve Screwed Up

I don’t know about you, but there’s no area of life that sends me into the depths of “I’m a failure” faster than parenting. Today at SpecialNeedsParenting.net, I’m sharing about a recent I’m-a-bad-mom moment and two strategies that help me pull out of the tailspin when it starts.

{Image: Andres Rodriguez / 123RF Stock Photo}

{Image: Andres Rodriguez / 123RF Stock Photo}

She sat there, big blue eyes brimming with tears, lip quivering. My five year old and I’d been sitting on the couch, reviewing her kindergarten sight words. She was having trouble sitting still, I was having trouble giving grace.

Why is it a struggle to teach my youngest child something so simple?

  • Maybe it’s because I’ve done the “prep for kindergarten” routine with her three older siblings (one of whom still hasn’t got them down, 10 years later) and I’m kind of over it.
  • Maybe it’s that she’s my baby, and when we have a rare moment together without chaos, I just want to listen to her sing her favorite Disney songs.
  • Maybe it’s because I had to work more hours in these years of my husband’s new business, which leaves a laughably tiny sliver of focus and niceness for “producing” anything in my home.
  • Maybe it’s because I’m constantly having to teach basic concepts and life-skills, over and over and over, to her older sisters with mental health and medical challenges and I just don’t WANT to teach anyone else anything. Ever.

(Or maybe it’s a little of all of the above.)

Can you relate? Don’t we all have moments when we feel like a bad parent with our “typical” kids??

Is it possible to do what’s most important for all of our kids? YES. But only if we. . .

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P.S. On the topic of parenting, I recently recorded an interview with Colleen Swindoll-Thompson, director of Insight for Living’s Special Needs Ministry. Come join us for a great chat about life with intense kids, finding who we are in the midst of it, and embracing our wonderful weirdness! Click here to view the interview.

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  1. MotheringFromScratch says

    {Melinda} So excited to hear you were on Insight for Living, Laurie! You go, girl!! 🙂